How to Edit “Quick Access” Folder Names in Windows 10
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We all have certain folders that we use in our computer. Downloads, Pictures, Documents, or whatever your most used folders are, you probably know exactly which ones you’re constantly digging into.

Microsoft knows this, which is why it added the Quick Access area to Explorer. In here, you can pin your favorite folders, so you can jump to them from anywhere.

Unfortunately, you can’t rename folders pinned to Quick Access, and creating a shortcut to folder will still display the original name. Don’t believe me? Go rename one off the folders you have pinned to Quick Access. It’ll still display the default name. But fear not, because there’s a workaround!

First, go to folder you want to rename, and Shift+Right-click it. Click Copy as Path. Now, you’ll need to Right-click the Start Menu, and then launch Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that appears.

In the command prompt window, type the following:

mklink /J <path to the new folder shortcut> <path to the original folder>

In the above text, replace <path to the new folder shortcut> with the name of the folder you want, and the path of it. If you wanted to change downloads to “Place With Stuff”, you’d type “C:/Place With Stuff” there (with the quotes).

For <path to the original folder>, you want to put the paste the patch you copied earlier.

Here’s an example:

mklink /J “C:/Place With Stuff” “C:\Users\Dave\Downloads”

Press Enter to execute the command, you will see “Junction created,” which means it worked.


Now, head to the new folder shortcut you made, right-click it, then select Pin to Quick Access. Now, delete the original one, you will have created a link that will take you to the original folder, but with a name of your choosing!

Do you have a default Windows folder that you want to rename? Which one is it? Can you share why? Let us know!

Image Credit: Vivi-o via ShutterStock

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