How to Edit “Quick Access” Folder Names in Windows 10

Dave LeClair 28-03-2016

We all have certain folders A Quick Fix for Slow "Downloads" Folders in Windows 10 When you amass a lot of files in your Downloads folder, it might take a while to open it. Here's how to speed it up without having to delete everything. Read More that we use in our computer. Downloads, Pictures, Documents, or whatever your most used folders are, you probably know exactly which ones you’re constantly digging into.


Microsoft knows this, which is why it added the Quick Access Navigate Your Favorite Files Faster in Windows 10 with Quick Access File Explorer in Windows 10 introduces a subtle change: The Favorites bar is now Quick Access, which relies on data to show your most used folders first. And you can still pin or hide folders. Read More area to Explorer. In here, you can pin your favorite folders, so you can jump to them from anywhere.

Unfortunately, you can’t rename folders How to Batch Rename & Mass Delete Files in Windows Are you pulling your hair out over how to batch rename or delete hundreds or thousands of files? Chances are, someone else is already bald and figured it out. We show you all the tricks. Read More pinned to Quick Access, and creating a shortcut to folder will still display the original name. Don’t believe me? Go rename one off the folders you have pinned to Quick Access. It’ll still display the default name. But fear not, because there’s a workaround How To Install A Wireless Printer On Windows & Workarounds Having problems connecting to your wireless printer or looking for a way to make a cabled printer accessible wirelessly? Use these tips and tricks to achieve wireless printing Zen. Read More !

First, go to folder you want to rename, and Shift+Right-click it. Click Copy as Path. Now, you’ll need to Right-click the Start Menu, and then launch Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that appears.

In the command prompt window, type the following:

mklink /J <path to the new folder shortcut> <path to the original folder>

In the above text, replace <path to the new folder shortcut> with the name of the folder you want, and the path of it. If you wanted to change downloads to “Place With Stuff”, you’d type “C:/Place With Stuff” there (with the quotes).


For <path to the original folder>, you want to put the paste the patch you copied earlier.

Here’s an example:

mklink /J “C:/Place With Stuff” “C:\Users\Dave\Downloads”

Press Enter to execute the command, you will see “Junction created,” which means it worked.


Now, head to the new folder shortcut you made, right-click it, then select Pin to Quick Access. Now, delete the original one, you will have created a link that will take you to the original folder, but with a name of your choosing!

Do you have a default Windows folder that you want to rename? Which one is it? Can you share why? Let us know!

Image Credit: Vivi-o via ShutterStock

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  1. Hong
    September 22, 2019 at 1:38 am

    I've got a message like this
    C:\Users\htranph1>mklink/J "W:/Reporting 2019" "W:\FIN\PRIVATE-FIN\Reporting Team\2019"
    Local NTFS volumes are required to complete the operation.

    Pls. support. I want to rename the sharedfolder in my quick access but not target/original folder. Thanks

  2. Darcy
    August 13, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Any chance I can do that with a network folder?

    mklink /J "%userprofile%\Quick Access\UPG2 SQRS" "\\NetworkShare\ps_upg\SQR"

  3. Ricardo
    May 3, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Dave,

    While partially correct, I believe this post is misleading. You CAN rename a folder in the Quick Access list in File Manager for Windows 10. I believe the issues is the incorrect use of the term Folder vs Shortcut. In the prior Windows 7 OS, the QuickAccess was named Favourites, which were not pinned folders but rather shortcuts. As such, these could be renamed with the option to 'Rename' shown when clicking the right mouse button on it. Renaming the Favourite did not rename the target folder. However, Windows 10 removed the Favourites and instead replaced it with QuickAccess which is pinned folders. This means that these are not shortcuts bur rather the actual folder name.
    The simplest way to rename these is by right clicking on the pinned folder name and then selecting Properties. In the General Tab of the properties window, you can enter a new folder name. Keep in mind that this not only modifies the name shown in the QuickAccess list but also the actual target folder. When renamed and after pressing ok, you will see a prompt asking whether you want the target folder Only renamed, or the target folder And all sub folders and files to be updated with the new name.
    Thus, you can change or rename e folders, but keep in mind it is also updating the target folder (since they are one and the same). This becomes important if you have files that are being referenced by Macros or other lookups.

    Thought I'd share this with you as there is a way to rename the folders, what you are proposing is creating a third intermediary shortcut to behave like the old favourites.


  4. Abhijeet kundu
    March 28, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    i received the massage

    • CoolRaoul
      June 9, 2019 at 5:12 pm

      Hope you enjoyed it