How to Disable Touchpad Tap-to-Click on Windows Laptops

Joel Lee 02-09-2016

Not everyone clicks the same way on a laptop. Some, like myself, prefer to use the actual buttons because it’s more intentional and the tactile feedback is nice. Others prefer to tap the touchpad itself.


If you’re in the first group and you HATE accidentally tapping on the touchpad (and therefore accidentally clicking on something you didn’t mean to click), here’s a possible workaround that can disable that function in Windows 10.

  • Launch Mouse & touchpad settings.
  • At the bottom, click Additional mouse options.
  • Click the Hardware tab (might be called ELAN Device depending on your laptop manufacturer).
  • Select your touchpad device and click Options.
  • Uncheck Tapping and click OK.

Now the tapping action for your touchpad should be completely disabled at the hardware level. If you can’t uncheck Tapping, it may be because your touchpad drivers won’t allow you to.

Did you find this useful? Got any other touchpad tips for Windows 10? Let us know in a comment below!

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  1. Howard A Pearce
    September 2, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    I prefer a mouse if using buttons because I can easily keep my hand on it if the mouse is placed "normally" / appropriately.

    This is not the same on a PC where the button are much closer to your body. This makes it easier to rest you hand on the PC and use the touchpad instead. Maybe if the buttons were at the top of the touchpad, things would be different.