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How to Delete All of Your Past Requests on Amazon Echo

Nancy Messieh 03-06-2016

Did you know that when you make requests using your Amazon Echo, each of those requests are recorded and can be played back through the Amazon Echo app? If you want to delete those requests, we’re going to show you how.


One word of warning: the more you use Alexa, the more she learns your speech patterns. Wiping your Amazon Echo history will set you back to square one for the Echo understanding your requests.

But if you’re selling your Echo or you’re not comfortable with the saved audio, this can be useful.

Erase Individual Requests

You can erase individual recordings one by one through the Alexa app. Go to Settings > History and you will see a complete list of your requests. This is where you can also listen to the recordings. Open up each recording and tap “Delete voice recordings”.


At the very least, you can delete recordings labeled “Unknown” since these don’t contribute in any way to Alexa’s learning process with your speech patterns.


This method can be used from any account that has a profile on the Amazon Echo.

Bulk Erase All Requests

To delete the entire history go to your Manage Content and Devices page on Amazon. Go to Amazon Echo > Manage voice recordings.


Clicking on it will open up a dialog that allows you to delete your Echo history.


This method can only be done from the main account that registered the Amazon Echo.

Do you feel the need to delete your Amazon Echo recordings? Let us know why in the comments.

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