How to Declutter Gmail Even More by Hiding Unwanted Images

Akshata Shanbhag 26-02-2016

Gmail displays the images in your emails by default. If you find these images distracting, want to save on mobile data, or want to give your slow Internet connection some relief, you can hide them and display them only when you need them.



1. Display images on a case by case basis.

This is quite easy to do. You go to Settings > General, check the radio button next to Ask before displaying external images in the Images: section, and hit Save Changes. This puts a Display images below link in every email, giving you the option to show images for select emails.


2. Display images in all emails from a particular sender.


Right next to the Display images below link we saw above, you’ll find another one that goes Always display images from. This one lets you automatically display images in every email you receive from that sender.

3. Re-hide images from specific senders.

Let’s say that you have used the Always display images from option that we discussed above to auto display images from a certain email address. But now you don’t it to work that way anymore. How do you go back?


It’s quite simple. Open any email from that sender, click on the tiny down arrow next to your email address, and in the popup that appears, click on the Don’t display from now on link.

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Have you set Gmail to ask you before displaying the images in your emails? Or do you find that an unnecessary step?

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