How to Create Desktop Shortcuts From Anywhere in Windows

Ben Stegner 19-04-2016

While Windows power users like to get technical and perform personalizations like replacing the task manager with a more powerful program 5 Powerful Alternatives to the Windows Task Manager Task Killer would be a better name for the native Windows Task Manager since we only bring it up to kill unresponsive processes. Alternative Task Managers allow you to actually manage your processes. Read More , plenty of people are still trying to find their way through basic Windows tasks.


If you’re new to Windows or still learning to use computers more efficiently in general, here’s how to create a desktop shortcut from anywhere.

To create a shortcut to a program or file on your desktop, browse to it using Windows Explorer and right-click on the file. In the popup menu, choose Send to and then Desktop (create shortcut). This will place a shortcut to your chosen file right on your desktop for easy access.

If you like to keep a clean desktop How to Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once and for All Clutter is more detrimental than you realize. A tidy Windows desktop makes things easier to find, is more pleasing to look at, and reduces stress. We show you how to get your desktop in order. Read More and don’t want a lot of icons around, you can instead choose Create shortcut from the right-click menu. This places the shortcut in the same location as the original file, though, so be sure to move it somewhere useful and easily accessible (like your Start menu, or Taskbar).

Once your shortcut is made, you can right-click it and choose Rename to give it a friendlier name if you like. Once you’ve got your shortcut created, you’re good to go! Shortcuts let you access any file or program much faster than manually hunting them down. Learn to use them and you’ll cut out lots of wasted time.

Looking to keep it simple? Check out some great and easy Windows tricks 10 Simple Windows Tricks You're Missing Out On You use your computer day-in day-out. You better not waste time! There's much more to Windows than first meets the eye and we're here to show you its full potential. Read More .

What shortcuts do you always have handy? Let us know how you use shortcuts every day in the comments below!

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