How to Create & Broadcast a Podcast with Garageband [Mac]

Jeffry Thurana 08-10-2009

How to Create & Broadcast a Podcast with Garageband [Mac] 00 Garageband podcast logoWhen I was a child, I always thought that languages were static. They were always like that from the beginning and they will always be like that forever. But the more I study them, the more they appear to have certain qualities similar to living organisms. Languages born, grow, evolve (and sometimes die) along with the cultures that use them.


The growth of technology contributes so much to the vocabulary expansion of modern people’s language. I still remember the first time I read ‘google’ as a verb. It was a sentence in one Sunday newspaper article explaining about how one technology journalist found materials for his writing.

We have hordes of newly invented words from the technological world entering the dictionary all the time. One of them is “podcast“. One dictionary defines podcast as:

An audio broadcast available as an MP3 file that you can play on a portable music player, such as an iPod, or on a computer.

The thing that didn’t even exist a decade ago, now can be found almost everywhere with almost any topic imaginable ranging from small talks, light jokes, breaking news, tutorials, to university lectures by well-known professors.


Some people never know about the production side of how to create a podcast. Some don’t even want to know, because they think about all of the difficulties that lurk behind it. But actually, creating podcasts can be fun. And any Mac user armed with Garageband could learn how to create a professional-quality podcast as easy as creating a ringtone for iPhone How To Create Your Own Unique iPhone Ringtones Using Garageband [Mac Only] Read More .

Open Garageband and pick “Podcast” from the New Project and click “Choose”.


01 New Project - Podcast

You will have to tell the app where you want to save the project.

02 Save podcast

There are three pre-set tracks ready: Male Voice, Female Voice, and Jingles; and basically, all you have to do is drag and drop the jingles to accompany your voice.


03 Three pre-set tracks

Let’s start with the fun part: exploring the jingles. Click the Loop Browser and choose Podcast Sound View. You’ll have tons of ready-made jingles, stingers and sound effects that you can use by dragging and dropping them to the “Jingles” track.

04 Podcast sound

While I can safely say I understand what jingles and sound effects are, I still don’t know what stingers are. My best guess is (CMIIW) that they are things that you put before, during or after a short talk in order to emphasize it.


You can add as many Jingles track as you need. The easiest way to do so is by duplicating it (Track –> Duplicate or Command + D).

04b Duplicate Track

And then, the voice recording. Click on the track (Male or Female Voice) and click on the record button below. 04c Record Button

There are many factors that determine the quality of the recording, but two of the most essential are the quality of the microphone and the recording environment. So, invest in a good microphone and do your podcasting in a place with minimum distractions.


Don’t forget to put a face to your podcast. You could use a picture from the iPhoto library for this purpose. Open the media browser from the right pane and choose “Photos”. Browse around to find the one that you like (or the one that you’ve prepared before), drag and drop it to the empty Episode Artwork box.05c Media Browser - Photo

To change the name, just click on the “podcast track” bar above

05a Podcast Information

and write down the title on the information pane on the left.

05b Information Pane


Broadcasting comes right after the podcast production process. Garageband provides you with several alternatives in the Share menu. You could send the podcasts to iTunes (before submitting them to iTunes Music Store), to iWeb, or save it (hard drive, USB or any other kind of storages).06 Broadcast the podcast

We have discussed a little about building websites using iWeb iWeb - Build A Quick, Easy & Beautiful Website [Mac only] Read More . Adding Garageband-made Podcasts to enhance iWeb-made sites is as easy as clicking a menu.

You could get more information on submitting your podcast to iTunes Music Store on this page.

Garageband is one of the tools that can help you create great quality of podcasts easily and at the same time having fun doing it. While there are still so many things that we can discuss about Podcasting using Garageband, I hope this short article could help you to get started in the Podcasting world.

Have you tried podcasting? Do you know other podcasting tools? Share using the comment below.

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    Great, easy to use article. If you don't mind, we'll be sharing this with our musician community, as podcasting is a useful tool for authentic artist-to-fan communication.