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How To Connect Your PSP To The Internet

Dean Sherwin 06-09-2009

how to connect psp to internetThe PSP, while not the most successful handheld gaming device, does have the greatest multimedia capabilities such as playing films, listening to music and of course browsing full HTML 8 Cool HTML Effects That Anyone Can Add to Their Website You don't have to know CSS or PHP to build a fancy site. Use these cool HTML tricks to generate awesome effects. Read More internet. What I mean to say is that you can view web pages on your PSP just as you would on your PC.


Every PSP is built by Sony with the capability to be connected to the internet. There is an inbuilt wireless receiver that picks up WiFi signals to transmit data, thus allowing you to browse. WiFi is extremely popular at present and chances are that where you’re sitting, you can pick up a WiFi signal – most likely the one coming from your home’s wireless router. For more information on setting up your home’s wireless network, read Tim’s article on the subject here How To Set Up Your Own Secured Wi-Fi Hotspot Read More .

The first step to learning how to connect PSP to the Internet is to know your wireless router’s details. You will need the router’s name (this is chosen when setting up your home wireless network) and the password to access the signal. If your router is not protected by a password then you can ignore this step. Once you have found all the details, turn to your PSP.

On top of the PSP, there is a switch which is marked “˜WLAN’. Move this switch to the right to turn on the wireless receiver.

When you’re on the main menu, use the directional pad to move the options to the left. This will bring you to “˜Settings’. Scroll down through the setting to the bottom of the list and select “˜Network Settings’. Then select “˜Infrastructure Mode’ – this is for connecting to the internet. The other option “˜Ad Hoc Mode’ is for connecting two PSPs together.

When you have selected “˜Infrastructure Mode’, click “˜New Connection’. This will bring you to a screen with three options; “˜Scan’, “˜Enter Manually’ and “˜Automatic’. Select “˜Scan’.

When the device has finished scanning, there will be a list of all the wireless signals picked up by the PSP. Beside each signal, there will also be a signal strength measured in percentages. Hopefully, your signal being the closest, it will be at 100% or near enough to it. Press “˜X’ to select your signal.


Scroll right through all the different setting for this connection leaving them all just as they are until you reach “˜WPA key’. Select this option and enter in the password for your wireless signal. This is case sensitive and must be exactly as you entered it when setting up the wireless router.

how to connect psp to internet

Continue to scroll to the right, leaving all the other setting as their default. The second last screen as you scroll to the right will give you all your new connection’s information such as Name and IP address WhatIsMyIPAddress: Find Out Your IP Address Read More and security level. Scroll one more screen to the right and select “˜Test Connection’. Allow it to test the connection for a minute or so. If you have set up the connection correctly then the test results such as signal strength and the IP address will be displayed. If you have made an error while setting up the connection then the test will “˜time out’ and you’ll have to go back by pressing “˜O’ to make sure you have all the settings correct.

When you have set up your connection, you can scroll to the right of the main menu to begin using the HTML browser. You can also play selected games online using the multiplayer mode.


A piece of advice: When you’re just playing a game on “˜Single Player’ mode or doing anything else on your PSP, I suggest you turn the wireless receiver off at the WLAN switch as it can eat up a lot of juice unnecessarily.

Do you use your PSP to go online often? Was this instructional easy to follow? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 5, 2015 at 3:34 am

    Umm after I scan to try and find my wifi it says under security not supported is there a way to change that through the computer or through the device

  2. Mobile tracker
    December 2, 2009 at 4:47 am

    Nice post, I also wrote an article on this, always excited to see people really love PSP, although I seldom use it to browse the internet, the screen is still kind of small, and not that comfortable.

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