How to Close the Windows Feedback Notification for Good
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Microsoft asks you for feedback on your Windows experience via popups every now and then. If you want to get rid of those popups, it’s easy to do that with a one-time tweak.

Head to Settings > Privacy > Feedback & Diagnostics and in the dropdown under Feedback frequency, select Never. That’s it! You won’t see those popups again. Note that you can still open the Windows Feedback app — which comes installed by default since the Fall update —  via Start > All Apps.


If the above tweak does not have the desired effect and you continue to see notifications asking for you feedback, you could try disabling the notifications. To do so, visit System > Notifications & actions and turn off the slider for the Windows Feedback application under Show notifications from these apps.

Windows has plenty of notifications to keep you annoyed. The good news is that you can also find easy hacks to get rid of them.

Which Windows popups do you find the most annoying? Were you able to turn them off? Tell us in the comments!

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