How to Change Where Windows 10 Saves Files by Default
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Though it’s so easy to store files on our computer, not everyone takes the time to lay them out in a logical manner. Whether you still save everything to your desktop or just dump everything into the respective Documents, Pictures, and Videos folders, maybe you want a fresh start with a new drive.

When you open the Save As menu for a new file, Windows automatically pulls up folders in your default save location, which is likely your internal hard drive (usually labeled with C).

If you’d like to change this — maybe because you just got an external hard drive because your main disk is full, or save a lot of files to a flash drive when it’s plugged in — you can easily change this default in Windows 10.

To open the right menu, click the Start button and choose Settings. Choose the System category and change the tab on the left to Storage. Scroll down to Save locations, where you can change the default save locations for new documents, apps, music, videos, and pictures.

Note that changing this setting won’t move any current files; it only applies to future items.

If you choose a removable disk as default here (like a flash drive), you’ll only see it as default when it’s plugged in. If you remove the drive and open the Save As dialog, you’ll see your C drive back as the default.

Looking to get more out of Windows 10? Check out our Settings guide to get in control.

Do you have use for changing the default save location in Windows? Let us know if you prefer to save to an external drive!

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  1. Brian Carr
    April 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    you cant change where edge downloads to

    • redstoned
      April 22, 2016 at 10:15 pm

      Coming soon with Redstone.