How to Change the Default Email Compose Font in Outlook
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Fonts are one of the easiest ways to change the look of an email. There’s something nice about using a simple font in black, but sometimes, you really want to shake things up.

If you use Outlook to send emails, and you’re sick of the boring 11-point Calibri default, you can change it up! Just remember: the person receiving the email must have the font you choose installed in order to see it, so make sure to choose something commonly installed on most PCs.


First, click File. Then hit Options, followed by Mail. You’ll see a section labeled Compose Messages. Under this, click the option labeled Stationary and fonts. Now, click the tab Personal Stationary. Under New Mail Messages click Font, and adjust the fonts to your tastes.

If you want to change the font for replying to and forwarding messages, follow the same steps above, but change the fonts under the Replying and forwarding messages section instead.

If you want to inject a little life into your emails a font change it a great way, but just remember to think about who you’re sending messages to when you choose the font. And don’t use Comic Sans.

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  1. Richard
    April 18, 2016 at 11:35 am

    Just need to learn how to set the default font on Windows 10 app now. This is why I keep using for sending emails, and the app to just have notifications on my PC.