How to Change Cortana’s Language in Windows 10
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If you’re on the fast ring of the Windows Insider program, then there’s a cool new feature you can use to change Cortana’s language without messing with your Windows system language!

Changing the language of Cortana allows you to communicate with the assistant in your native tongue. Doing this prevents app and app store compatibility issues, which is obviously something that’s best avoided if possible.

Here’s how you get to it.

Open the search box on your Windows machine, either by clicking on the box or pressing Windows key + S. Click the gear icon to open Settings and then scroll down the Language option. Click the drop down menu and choose the language you want Cortana to speak in.


Because this is part of a preview build, the full list of language options aren’t available, but when this goes final — presumably with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 — you’ll be able to select from English (US, UK, Canada, India, Australia), German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified).

You will need to have the most recent fast ring build installed on your PC in order to take advantage of this feature, but once the update goes wide to everyone, you’ll know how to do it!

Are you a Windows Insider, or do your prefer to stick the final releases? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 13, 2016 at 10:46 am

    I am on the 'Fast' ring and have been from the start but have never tried cortana basically because I dont want to set my system to English. I mean why should I? A company like Microsoft have the resources to work on different languages or do they actually think that the world evolves round English (US, UK, Canada, India, Australia), German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified).