How to Calculate What Test Scores You Need to Pass Your Classes
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There are tons of apps that students can take advantage of in school, ranging from sleep trackers to study aides. One common task you might overlook, though, is calculating your grade.

Most college professors probably lay out how their various assignments and exams are weighted into your grade, but you might have trouble projecting your final grade based on how you’re doing now. Next time you need to figure out how much you need to study for that test in order to get by and keep your grade, here are three different sites to project a grade for you.

Ben Eggleston’s Grade Calculator isn’t anything flashy, but allows you to punch in up to 20 assignments, the grade you received on them, and what percentage of weight they carry in your final grade.

At the bottom, you can choose to calculate either what your average grade on remaining assignments must be to end up with an overall average of X, or what your overall average will be if you get an average of Y on the rest of your assignments.

The Amazing Grade Calculator is similar; aside from taking up to 20 scores and finding your average, you can also define what constitutes a grade of A, B, C, and so on at your school. It’s nice if you prefer to see a letter grade instead of a percentage and/or use a non-standard scale.

Grade Calculator by RapidTables is another tool; what sets it apart is its final grade calculator. By inputting your current grade, how much weight the final carries, and what you want as an overall grade, you can calculate the grade you need on the final. Hopefully you have some breathing room!

Be sure to check out more apps made for college students to help you finish out the semester!

What tools do you use to calculate your grade? Let us know how your semester is going in the comments!

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