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How to Bold, Italicize, and Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp

Ben Stegner 08-06-2016

WhatsApp has tons of awesome features The Best New WhatsApp Features You Might Have Missed WhatsApp is constantly adding new features. We identify and track the best new features added to WhatsApp over the years. Read More , and it’s always adding more. The world’s most popular messaging app has tons of users and is now completely free, and with apps for every major platform, everyone can take advantage of the powerful service.


The messenger just got a little bit better with new text formatting options. While nothing groundbreaking in the world of text, they do let you express yourself more clearly when messaging friends. The new formatting options are:

  • Put ~tildes~ around text to strike through it. Useful for being sarcastic, when you say something like “Can’t believe we have get to sit through two more hours of him talking about text!”
  • Put *asterisks* around text to make it bold.
  • Put _underscores_ around text and it will be in italics. Now when you refer to Inception, or other movies/books, you can put them in italics and be proper.

Make sure you update your copy of WhatsApp to the latest version before trying this, or these won’t work. Be the first to use these new tricks 10 Hidden WhatsApp Tricks You Need To Try Right Now You might think you know everything about WhatsApp. However, like anything tech-related, there are always more tricks, tips, and features to learn about and use. Read More and your friends will marvel at your amazing text abilities!

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Are you happy to be able to type using these new formats, or do you not care about them at all? Tell us how you’re feeling about WhatsApp below!


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