How to Better Organize Notes in Google Keep With Color Coding

Akshata Shanbhag 07-03-2016

If you use Google Keep for everything 10 Creative Ways to Use Google Keep Every Day Google Keep is a simple note-taking app. But its simplicity hides its usefulness. Here are ten tips and ideas to use Google Keep for the little everyday things in life. Read More from bucket lists to doodles to meal planning, chances are that you spend a considerable amount of time searching for notes. Make that easier by using Keep’s color coding features.


You can filter notes based on what they contain — voice memos, images, checklists, etc. But assigning a color to each note type makes it easy to identify notes better on sight.

Come up with a standard color scheme for each note type, say, yellow for checklists, orange for voice memos, and so on.


Every time you create a new note, based on the color scheme you have chosen, assign a color to the note via the palette icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the note. This way you can tell at a glance which category a note belongs to and even use the search box to find notes of a certain type faster based on the color assigned to them.



We know that it’s easy to forget which color you have assigned to each note type. That’s why we recommend installing the Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome extension. It allows you to name each category based on its color.

What tricks do you use on Google Keep or in any other note-taking app to find notes quicker? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credit: Google Keep by iJeab via Shutterstock

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