How to Beat Your Email Addiction (You Probably Do Have One)

ROFL 07-07-2016

Email is a funny thing. Back when the Internet was first gaining mainstream acceptance, the “You’ve got Mail” Relive the Web of the 1990s by Visiting These 9 Old Websites These nine websites were cutting edge back in the day. They came before the advent of super-slick graphics and Web 2.0, but today serve as nostalgic reminders of how far web development has come. Read More sound coming from the computer was exciting (even though the email was probably some kind of weird chain letter 10 Internet Fads That Took The World By Storm...Briefly Poodle skirts could become a fad in the 60’s when there was no Internet. Today, the World Wide Web helps a fad go ballistic within a blink of an eye. We capture it on smartphones... Read More ).

Nowadays, emails tend to be more of chore. A lot of emails come from work, are spam How Did Internet "Spam" Get Its Name? Read More , or are just generally things we don’t to see. Yet, we’re all still hooked. Many of us carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, and we answer that ding every time an email comes.

How can you beat your email addiction How to Beat Email Addiction by Tracking Inbox Habits Email is hijacking your days, and it's being sneaky about it. You can regain control over your time. Figure out how much time you devote to email right now and steal it back. Read More ? Check out the infographic below for some awesome tips that’ll help you get that email in check!

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