How to Auto Hide the Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode
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If you run Windows 10 on a touchscreen device, tablet mode can be a great feature. It shifts the interface in a way that makes it more suitable to wide fingers and the lack of precision that comes without a mouse.

One thing missing from Windows 10’s tablet mode is the ability to auto hide the taskbar as you would in the traditional Windows 10 UI.

But thankfully, that’s all changing with build 14328 or above. (You can download this build now in the Preview program, or wait until the Anniversary Update, where many new features will be added.)


Once you have build 14328, you simply need to touch and hold the taskbar (which functions as a right-click in touch screen mode) then tap Automatically hide the taskbar.

When you switch back to desktop mode, the taskbar auto hide option will not transfer over, so you’ll need to set it by right-clicking the taskbar and setting it there as well.

Remember, to get this feature now you’ll need to download a preview build of Windows 10, and that doesn’t come without issues and risk. If you prefer to stick with release builds, you’ll have to wait a little bit to get access to this feature!

Are you a Windows Insider, or do preview builds scare you? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Anton Watman via ShutterStock

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