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How to Archive All the New Tweets Sent Out by Anyone

Nancy Messieh 28-03-2016

While you can request your entire archive of tweets from Twitter, using a simple IFTTT recipe will allow you to keep track of your own tweets, or the tweets of any user of your choice.


Bear in mind that IFTTT can only archive tweets sent after you’ve created the recipe. Any tweets sent before that will not be included.

Archiving Your Own Tweets

If it’s your own tweets you’re after, you can request a complete archive from Twitter. Head to your settings, and at the bottom of your “Account” page, you’ll find an option to request your archive to be sent to you by email.


Depending on how long you’ve been on Twitter, it might take a while before you receive the email.

Once receive, you can download a zip file which contains an HTML file with access to every tweet you’ve ever sent, including retweets and replies. Luckily, for those of you with thousands of tweets to browse through, the file is searchable.


It also includes a menu, allowing you to navigate to tweets by month and year. That navigation also does a great job of showing you how much you’ve tweeted over the years.


Archiving Anyone’s Tweets

Once you’ve downloaded your Twitter archive, you can start to archive all of your tweets yourself using a simple IFTTT recipe. Alternatively, you could pick any user of your choice and archive their tweets.

With these IFTTT recipes, you can save the tweets to a Google spreadsheet. If there are several users whose tweets you want to archive, you will have to create a separate recipe and spreadsheet for each one. You can also choose whether to include retweets or replies.

Use the recipe below to save your own tweets.

IFTTT Recipe: Twitter Archive connects twitter to google-drive

Use the recipe below to save the tweets of a specific user:

IFTTT Recipe: Archive Anyone's Tweets connects twitter to google-drive

If you’d prefer, you could also use IFTTT to archive your tweets to Evernote instead of a Google spreadsheet.

With IFTTT, you can also create an archive of all the tweets you send using a specific hashtag, tweets you send from a certain location, or even tweets from anyone sent in a certain location.

Have you archived your tweets? Let us know how you did it in the comments.

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