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How To Add Speech Recognition Capabilities To Your Website Search Engine [Chrome]

Mark O'Neill 24-09-2013

These days, the buzz-phrase on the streets of cyberspace is “voice recognition”. Everyone is going totally bananas about it. Google is racing to integrate speech recognition into as many of their products as possible, and there is nothing cooler than using a software app like Dragon NaturallySpeaking to control the Internet and your computer with your voice.


It takes laziness to new heights as you can then sit back and dictate emails, website addresses, documents, and web searches, simply by opening your mouth. A keyboard? Pah! That is so 2000s!

But this isn’t something solely confined to the realms of tech firms with unlimited budgets. Even webmasters with small blogs can also have speech recognition in their website search engines (provided it is a Google search engine, and the site visitor is using Google Chrome – it relies on something called the HTML Speech Input API). It adds a bit of novelty to your site and makes you stand out a bit from the crowd, even if it is only confined to Chrome users for the moment.

It isn’t hard to set up – in fact all it involves is adding one piece of HTML code where your website search engine would normally go. So you don’t even have to install anything or do any fancy programming.  It took me all of 5 minutes to set it up on my blog. Head on over there if you want to live demo it. All you need is a microphone, Google Chrome, and a clear voice.

How To Add Speech Recognition Capabilities To Your Website Search Engine [Chrome] vrsearchengine mono

If you are sufficiently dazzled to want it on your own search engine, then go to the backend area of your site where your Google search engine code normally sits, remove the existing code and replace it with the following. I have had to make it an image because the code was inserting a search engine into the article! So apologies for making you type it all out. But it isn’t much. And the rewards in return are so great.


How To Add Speech Recognition Capabilities To Your Website Search Engine [Chrome] vrcode1

Save it all and then go to the page in the Chrome browser. You should now see a microphone icon in the corner of the search engine box. Click it and speak your search term, and proceed to be dazzled.

Look out soon for my review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which really will make your socks explode. Dragon may be pricey but you will rarely use a keyboard and mouse afterwards.

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