How the Mac Option Key Can Give You More Menu Options
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As with most modern operating systems, Mac uses the right-click action to open contextual menus on files, folders, etc. In most cases, the regular context menu has everything you need and does all you need it to do.

But did you know that you can unlock additional menu options? All you have to do is press the aptly-named Option key.


On the left, you have a regular context menu that appears when right-clicking a PDF file. On the right, you have the same file being right-clicked except this time the Option key is also being held down. See the different options? Very handy.

This is just one of many awesome things you can do with the Option key, and we recommend that you learn them all as soon as possible if you want to boost your day-to-day productivity. These built-in Mac tips and tricks are also worth learning.

What do you use the Option key for? Are there any other Mac tips or tricks that you think are worth sharing? Let us know in a comment down below!

Image Credit: Option Key via Shutterstock

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