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How Not To Do Anything With Mehdi Sadaghdar [Stuff to Watch]

Tim Brookes 25-02-2013

mehdi sadaghdar youtubeHow-to videos are at their best when they don’t provide a solution or successful walkthrough, but instead offer the exact opposite of sound advice. This much has been true for the incredibly “popular” HowToBasic videos which appear in search results as bonafide tutorials only to catch absent minded surfers off-guard.


Mehdi Sadaghdar is a YouTuber 5 YouTube Shows & Personalities That You Really Must See Read More who has only uploaded a handful of videos has already gained nearly 8 million views at the time of writing. His videos are wonderful examples of how not to approach a hobby in electronics 6 Sales Tactics To Avoid When Buying Electronics At A Retail Store [Opinion] Going to the store is usually a simple process. You pop in, get what you want, and leave. Many stores go to great lengths to ensure that their customers can easily find the item they... Read More , executed with a straight face and calm exterior.

The results are hilarious, as you’ll see below.

Electro Static Discharge

If you’ve ever built or repaired your own PC How To Build a Gaming PC Learn how to build a gaming PC from a gamer’s point of view. Instead of telling you what to buy, we’ll teach you how to weigh and judge these individual components. Read More then you’ll probably know a thing or two about electro static discharge. For testing how electronics handle static discharges you can use a device which generates a fixed charge, and zap it as per the video below. Clearly Mehdi knows what he should be doing here, and the fact that he even owns such a device indicates more than a passing interest in electronics. Still, here’s how not to learn about ESD.

Electricity Can Kill You

For me the best thing about Mehdi’s videos isn’t his calm and collected exterior, or even the knowledgable tone he uses to explain the situation but the fact that he does all his own stunts. This is real electricity he’s playing with, so I suppose I should include a warning about not trying it at home because, as this next video proves – electricity can kill you, especially if your phone isn’t on vibrate.

Proper Wiring Connections

In this video we learn all about the power involved in a car battery, how not to tighten a connection as well as the importance of knowing what exactly is connected before turning on the supply. It’s not just voltage that can hurt you, you’ll need to beware of desks above your head too. This one looks like it hurts quite a bit.


How To Make A Coil Gun

A good number of the world’s best first person shooters The 3 Best Multiplayer First Person Shooters Of All Time [MUO Gaming] Welcome to the first installment of MakeUseOf Gaming. On tap today we will be taking a look at the three best first person shooters in the history of gaming. First person shooters are one of... Read More have included a weapon known as the railgun, which uses a coiled wire and electricity to launch a projectile. The railgun is more than just a concept or video game toy, but a real thing that you can actually make yourself. Here we learn exactly what’s involved in building your own, mini railgun (the wrong way).

Here’s a bonus video of that coil short circuiting in slow motion:

Don’t Take Capacitors For Granted

Capacitor’s control time intervals in electronic circuitry, and it’s important to make sure that you wire them up correctly, lest they explode. As you can imagine, Mehdi gets it wrong with spectacular results. This was the first of his videos that I personally watched and after seeing it I’m sure you can forgive me for wondering if it was a serious video gone wrong or a cleverly executed moment of comedy The 10 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix You might not have the time to watch every stand-up on Netflix. So, to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here are the 10 best comedy specials on Netflix right now. Read More .

How To Fix A Camera

Mehdi’s most recent upload at the time of writing, here’s another spectacularly wrong look at fixing electronics – this time the digital camera. It should come as no surprise that a camera’s flash unit stores a lot of charge in order to fire the strobe. Under no circumstances should you ever touch this connection with your bare skin…


Bonus: How To Create A Windows Shortcut

While not the same as his other “how-to” style videos, this video which demonstrates how to create a shortcut in Windows is a very well produced practical joke. One to send to your less computer-abled friends, check out the comments for hilarious reactions.

That’s literally it for Mehdi’s contribution to YouTube. I’m not even sure if that’s his real name, but you can subscribe to his channel for more hilarious electronic mishaps over at YouTube.com/msadaghd.

Did you enjoy these videos? Any similar channels or jokes? What else would you like to see here? Leave your thoughts in the comments, below.

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