How Much Time Have You Wasted on “Destiny”? This Site Tells You
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Destiny is one of those video games that suck you in and keep you playing (provided it’s able to sink its hooks into you at first). Next thing you know, you’ve accumulated hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of hours killing Fallen, Vex, Taken, and what not.

You’ve taken down Oryx, you’ve smashed his son Crota to bits, and you’ve tamed the enemies in the Vault of Glass. Skolas? Not a problem for you!

So how much time have you actually spent playing the game? You can dig through your PS4 or Xbox One to find out, but the process of finding the time played is archaic. Also, your console includes time spent idling in The Reef, Tower, or while in orbit.


Instead, just go to the aptly named! You enter your PSN ID or Xbox Live gamertag, and click Search. You’ll see a number, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll think about all the productive things you could have done with that time (515 hours for me before I moved onto The Division).

Be honest: how much time have you spent playing Destiny? Are you excited for the new content on April 12? Let us know in the comments!

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