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How iOS 11 Makes Your iPad More Like a Mac

Dave Parrack 06-06-2017

Apple has taken the wraps off of the new iOS 11, and it further blurs the line between iOS and macOS. This is especially true when it comes to iPads Regular iPad or iPad Pro? How to Pick the Right Apple Tablet The iPad Air is no more, leaving only the regular iPad and two Pro models. So which should you buy? Read More , which are getting a number of features designed to make them much more useful. Which begs the question, who needs a Mac any more?


The line between traditional desktop operating systems and mobile operating systems is becoming blurred. We have Windows 10 working across different devices, Chrome OS gaining access to Android apps, and now iOS gaining several features usually associated with macOS.

No Longer Just an Oversized iPhone

The iPad was once written off as just an oversized iPhone. At one point that was a fair assessment, but it isn’t any longer. This is because, with the arrival of iOS 11, the iPad is gaining a range of features that we’re all much more used to seeing on our Macs and Windows PCs.

You can now fill your iPad dock with apps, just like your Mac. There’s an app switcher and split-screen multitasking, which essentially add windows to the iPad experience. There’s Drag and Drop, which lets you move images and text. And then there’s the Files app, which adds desktop-style file management to your humble iPad, with support for cloud-based services.

On their own each of these new features would be considered a good, but not very important update. However, taken as a whole they represent Apple trying to turn the iPad from a passive device letting you browse the web, watch Netflix, and play games, into a productivity powerhouse. Which is all kinds of interesting.

Apple has already made iOS 11 available to developers as a preview. However, us proles will have to wait until the fall before we get our hands on it. As usual, Apple will release it as a free update for iPhones and iPads. Until then it’s impossible to assess the new Mac-like features.


Do You Even Need a Mac Any More?

This is an interesting, and rather audacious, move by Apple. Faced with falling iPad sales, it’s essentially trying to reposition the tablet as a workhorse capable of doing everything 10 Things That Were Harder Before the iPad Since its launch in 2010, the iPad has driven a revolution in personal computing. Even when you're using a Surface Pro 3 or Samsung Galaxy tablet, the iPad is still at the back of your... Read More . The problem is that while this may invigorate interest in the iPad, it could cut into Mac sales.

Do you own an iPad? If so, which model? What do you mainly use your iPad for? Do you ever do any actual work on it? What do you think of the new iPad-specific features coming with iOS 11? Could you replace your Mac with an iPad? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Richard
    June 13, 2017 at 7:47 am

    We are looking at getting rid of the (2) iMacs in the office as we are relocating to Cyprus and shipping costs are prohibitive. One new 13" Macbook pro for me, and an iPad pro for my partner. I need a Mac for coding, she can probably, with the new features in iOS11 manage with just an iPad., mainly writing blogging, tweeting, basic photo editing etc.

    Without drag and drop and a good file manager an iPad would not be a viable option for her as she is less willing to compromise or learn ways round usability problems. I will try the public beta of iOS11 later this month then make a final decision.

    Net result, the same cost pretty much so Apple do not loose out, given the cost of a touch bar Macbook pro.