How Can I Fix My Facebook Page So It Doesn’t Look Stupid?

Guy McDowell 07-05-2013

how can i fix my facebook pageSome people might say that having Facebook and Stupid in the same title is a bit redundant. They may be correct. There are definitely a lot of things that qualify as stupid on Facebook, and the harsh reality is that there are a lot of stupid people on Facebook. Come on folks, there’s over half a billion people on Facebook, some of them, statistically speaking, have to be stupid! In fact, at least 49% of us on Facebook are below average intelligence. There’s a good chance I am one of them.


Yet that doesn’t mean that your Facebook Page has to be stupid. It can look fun, friendly, AND professional. What is truly stupid is up to you to define for yourself.  If you’re asking, “How can I fix my facebook page?” – I’m going to help you define whether your page is stupid by showing you some Facebook Page blunders.

How Can I Fix My Facebook Page? Stupid Facebook Pages

When I started web development, Vincent Flanders had a web page called, “Web Pages That Suck“. I thought he was arrogant at first, but no, really, the pages he highlighted really sucked! He used them as a beacon of warning of what not to do. Sure, there were a bunch of pages on what was right to do, but no one to say, “Hey. That sucks. You don’t want to use the blink tag. Seriously.” So let’s try a little of that with Facebook Pages.

Don’t Be A No-Show

Have you heard the saying that life is 95% about just showing up? Some very large companies headed by some (allegedly) very smart people don’t even have a Facebook Page. Mega investment bank company and beneficiary of lots of your money in bail-outs, Goldman-Sachs, is one of those companies.

how can i fix my facebook page

Now, Goldman-Sachs is relying on a Facebook Page generated from user-editable Wikipedia content to be their face on Facebook. Way to go faceless-multi-national.


Ever heard of Santander Group? Apparently they’re another one of the largest companies in the world. If they keep not showing up, you might never hear of them. 186,000 employees and they can’t find one to do a simple Facebook Page. Get HR on the phone!

fix facebook

Don’t Disappear

Once you finally get yourself on Facebook, don’t just blaze into Zuckerberg’s domain and then dissappear. Please, don’t leave us. Is that what it’s going to be like once I’ve bought your product? Here you go, now leave me alone? Always alone. According to, 70% of Facebook Pages never get updated. That’s a cricket below. Even she isn’t on the Page anymore.

fix facebook


Don’t Ignore Your Customers

According to Jim Singer at AT Kearney, most of the world’s biggest companies that ARE on Facebook simply don’t respond to customers. So you can go on there, ask questions, make suggestions, make complaints, do whatever you want and you promptly be ignored. Nintendo is one of these companies.

Doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive for a gaming company that is supposed to be all about interaction? Go on their Facebook Page and you find post after post, often with more than 200 comments and not one response from anyone at Nintendo. That’s not Luigi looking cool and coy, nay! It’s Luigi AND Nintendo giving you the cold shoulder.

fix facebook

Don’t Be Rude

Maybe if you have nothing nice to say, you should change your PR company. You need to remember that a Facebook Page is another extension of the customer service you would give in your regular place of business. This does NOT mean that the customer is always right. Because they aren’t always right. Yet they are human and should be treated with respect.


Quite possibly the greatest example of poor customer service on Facebook is what Nestle did back in 2010. People were protesting Nestle’s support of suppliers that were unethical and using altered Nestle logos. Nestle didn’t like that, and apparently hasn’t heard about satire. You can read the back and forth below. Nestle may have been right, yet that doesn’t justify their tone.

Seriously? “It was ever thus.”? Pfft. Whatever Nestle. I’ll still eat your chocolate bars, but I’ll do it wistfully and with angst.

fix my facebook

Don’t Worry About Looks

There are a multitude of ways to style and tweak your Facebook Page to make it look very cool and stylish, here Design Your Facebook Fan Page With Pagemodo's WYSIWYG Editor Read More  and here 9 Ways To Become More Popular On Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook is different things to different people. It's used to stay in touch, play games, share news and stories, or promote brands. What unites almost everyone who regularly uses Facebook is the desire to be... Read More , but content is STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE KING. Even if it is just cute kittens and strange people in Wal-Mart. Give your customers content. Content that they want. Content that they can only get on Facebook.


If you’ve automated your social networking to blast every network you have with the same content, why should we Like your Facebook Page? I can just as easily ignore your boring self on Twitter. Look, even someone trying to be clever by intentionally being boring can only get 160 likes in 3 years. Hipsters, maybe irony is dead.

how can i fix my facebook page

If you’re looking for way to make your Facebook Page much more engaging, I suggest 5 Great Ideas To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Interesting 5 Great Ideas to Make Your Facebook Fan Page Interesting There are many Facebook pages around that aren't being run very effectively, mainly because the people in charge aren't sure what they can do to be more interesting to their fans. You've seen them around... Read More , by Angela.

The Take Away

Like any other tool in this world, Facebook Pages can be abused, misused, underused, and even misplaced. When you do any, or all, of those things you make your Facebook Page look stupid. Which in turn makes your company, and maybe even you, look at least a little stupid. Is that really what you want to do? We all have a hard enough time coming across as competent on a day to day basis. Don’t go out of your way to make it even harder on yourself.

Have you seen a stupid Facebook Page lately? Want to nominate a company for blowing it on Facebook? We have a place for you to share that, here and on Facebook. We loves your comments! As long as they aren’t…well, you get the picture.

Images Credits: Cricket via Gemma Stiles @ Flickr Be Stupid via Michiel020 @ Flickr

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  1. Ali Khan
    May 24, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Nice article and i agree what you said in "Don’t Ignore Your Customers" , whether it is website or facebook fan page you got to reply to your users.

    • Guy McDowell
      May 24, 2013 at 12:50 pm

      I thought it would be ironic to not respond to this comment - but I don't think anyone would get a joke that wasn't there. ;)

      • Ali Khan
        May 30, 2013 at 6:07 am

        lol :D

  2. Silent Myst
    May 7, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    make that 161

    • Guy McDowell
      May 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      Took me a second, but I got it. Nice one!

  3. Aaron Couch
    May 7, 2013 at 5:10 am

    Great article, Guy! Although... that cricket is technically a male :P

    • Guy McDowell
      May 7, 2013 at 11:41 am

      I'm just not sexist like you Aaron. :P

      But seriously, I did think of asking you if it was male or female when I posted that picture!