Hover Zoom: Chrome Addon To Enlarge Thumbnail Pics on Mouseover

abhijeet 02-10-2010

If you are tired of clicking on image thumbnails on sites to check what the image is all about, you will like this Chrome extension called Hover Zoom. As the name suggests, it lets you enlarge thumbnail on mouseover for better viewing.


Images pop up in their full size right there on the same page. You can also configure to show the enlarged image only when the Shift or Ctrl key is pressed. It works on all major sites like Facebook, eBay, deviantART, Flickr, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and more.

enlarge thumbnail on mouseover

The add-on provides options to alter the way the images pop up and to disable it on particular sites. It’s easy to use, works on Chrome and saves you the time you would normally spend checking full sized images.


  • Chrome extension to enlarge thumbnail pictures.
  • Full sized images pop up automatically on pointing mouse cursor at them.
  • Has options to disable it for a site.

Check out Hover


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