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Israel Nicolas 09-02-2010

We all know that popups are annoying and obnoxious, and that is why people go out of their way to block them. It is also true that popups are still one of the most effective internet marketing strategies today. If you smartly place your popups in a smart and unobtrusive manner, they can help you increase leads, opt-ins, and conversions.


create popup window

One service that internet marketers will love is hovClick. This free web app lets you create an un-blockable, non-intrusive popup for your website. Hovclick lets you generate a hover-ad, which uses dynamic HTML to avoid pop-up blockers. They can be useful for announcing new products, advertising your newsletter to boost subscriptions, or just simply displaying more content from your website.

Register for a Hovclick account to create a hover-ad for your site. After logging in, you can start uploading what you want to show in your popup using a source code. You can also just edit a predesigned popup that HovClick provides in your account. Set the parameters for your popup such as the page width, height, and the delay time. Once you are done setting up the hover ad, just press the “˜Get Code‘ button to obtain a javascript code then paste it below the closing body tag in your web page.

create popup window

Another great feature of hovClick is that it lets you personalize the viewing experience of your site visitors. You can use HovClick to make the most out of your paid search providers by letting you display unique hover ads based on the keywords that sent the users to your website. With this feature, you can make your hover-ads more relevant to your visitors looking for a particular item.


Hovclick’s basic membership is free and you can make as many hover ads as you like. However, these popups include “Powered By“ in the title bar. If you want them removed, you have to pay $30 for a paid account. HovClick also offers a Band Package where they convert your digital flyers into hover ads for $25. Furthermore, you can also let HovClick design hover ads that are specially suited for the needs of your website for $150.

Hovclick is a great web service for internet marketers who are looking for a quick way to create and manage pop-up announcements for your network of websites.

To see how it works watch demo video below:


  • Create unlimited hover ads for your website.
  • Promote new products, features, or newsletters.
  • Customize your own hover ads or edit and use the predesigned popup.
  • Optimize your paid search providers by displaying specific hover ads for particular keywords.
  • Basic membership is free.
  • Remove “Powered By” in your hover ads for $30.
  • Convert your digital flyers for $25.
  • Let hovClick design hover ads for your site for $150.

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