Hourly Rate Calculator: Easily Determine Hourly Rate Online

Justin Pot 21-01-2010

If you don’t freelance, you should.  Even just a side job working for yourself has its benefits. If you recently started freelancing, however, you’ve probably just realized that you’re now acting as your own salesman, accountant and human resources manager. If you’ve no idea what you should be charging while acting as a freelancer,’s Hourly Rate Calculator can help determine hourly rate. This program takes into account all your expeneses, your personal costs and the number of hours you can bill and based on your preference of total profit.


determine hourly rate

The form takes into account just about every cost you need to deal with as a freelancer, and outputs the rate you need to charge in order to cover them. You could probably recreate the entire calculation quickly and easily using a spreadsheet, but why bother when FreelanceSwitch has already done the work? This form is quick, easy and gives freelancers everywhere a lot to think about.


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