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HookSounds: Royalty-Free Music Never Sounded So Good

Kris Wouk 21-07-2020

Much of the time, music makes everything better. Whether you’re trying to make your daily run more interesting or want to spice up a video, music can make a huge difference.

Of course, especially when it comes to videos, music can make your work much more complicated. You can’t just pick any old song and include it in your video, unless you want to get hit with a copyright claim. That’s where royalty-free music services come in handy.

HookSounds is one of these services, but it also happens to have a few new tricks up its sleeve.

What Is HookSounds?

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In a way, HookSounds is like a lot of other royalty-free music libraries in that it offers music you can use for whatever purpose you need. Where it differs is its focus on original production and exclusive music. This means that the music you find on HookSounds is only available on HookSounds.

Many other royalty-free music libraries aggregate music from a variety of third-party sources and then resell it. HookSounds, on the other hand, manages all of its own productions. This is part of what the service does to maintain a level of quality you won’t always find on other platforms.

On top of the standard library, HookSounds also offers custom compositions. This means that you can offer up references for a certain sound you’re looking for and the HookSounds team will deliver you a specially composed song meeting those criteria.

This is the sort of perk big teams in movies and TV have musical directors and composers for, so it’s an incredibly handy feature.

No Need to Worry About Copyright

If you’ve ever worked with music in videos, you might have run into the issue where the song you use results in a copyright claim against your video or channel. Not only does this mean you can’t monetize your video in most cases, but it also can take the video offline for a while, which is a major inconvenience.

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HookSounds avoids this issue in a simple way: the service owns the copyright to all its tracks. This means that HookSounds can clear any claims against channels or videos associated with its music right away, letting you focus on the content and not copyright.

More Than Just Royalty-Free Music

Of course, there is much more to the sound of your video than just the dialog and music. These two will get you at least 90 percent of the way there, but sometimes you need a little more. When that’s the case, sound effects can enhance certain parts of your videos to make sure the viewer keeps paying attention.

In the near future, HookSounds will start offering sound effects in addition to music. This is part of its existing service, so any subscriber will have access to them as part of their existing plan.

Start Using HookSounds for Free

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If you, like most people, plan to use the music for commercial purposes, HookSounds offers a variety of price plans depending on what you need. These range from professional broadcast plans to individual licenses for one-off products, so you don’t need to pay for more than you need. The service even has a free plan for non-commercial use or testing the service.

HookSounds puts major emphasis on the quality of its music, and given its original and exclusive nature, it’s easy to see why. Still, that music is something that you’ll want to hear for yourself. The best way to do that is to sign up for a free HookSounds account and start listening.

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