HooeeyWebprint: A Software To Capture Web Pages for Quick Offline Viewing

MOin 15-10-2010

Suppose you cannot find a Wi-Fi signal for your laptop or your internet is having problems. You visited a website yesterday that you need to view to complete a presentation you are working on. What do you do? Answer: “HooeeryWebprint.” Thanks to this neat tool you will be able to reopen those previously visited websites even if you do not have an internet connection.


software to capture web pages

Hooeey Webtool is a software to capture web pages with free and paid packages. As its name suggests, it captures a print of the websites you visit. The print preserves the layouts of the webpages: including the images and text exactly how they were. It works as an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer and keeps on saving webpage prints for each site you visit. Later you can open up Hooeey Webtool and view all those prints. You can even search between the prints via keywords. When you click on a print within the Hooeey interface you can view the webpage’s image or HTML form. If you have internet you can visit the site’s original URL or share the print on Twitter and Facebook.

software to capture websites

Hooeey Webprint is a great tool for times when your internet is unavailable or an important website from which you need information is facing downtime. Hooeey is sized at nearly 3 MB; since it is based on Adobe Air, it can be installed by Mac and Windows users, both.


  • A small sized installable software to capture websites.
  • Based on Adobe Air hence is cross-platform.
  • Saves a print of your visited webpages in image and HTML form.
  • Lets you search those prints via keywords.
  • Lets you visit original webpage URLs.
  • Lets you share prints on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Similar tools: iterasi

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