Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Dave Parrack 15-10-2013

The Web is a weird and wonderful place full of content that it is far too easy to miss thanks to the size and scale of the Internetz. This column has one simple aim: to collect the best weird and wonderful content that appears on the Web and fit it all on one page for your delectation.


In this edition of Weird & Wonderful Web, the U.S. Government shutdown gets explained using Lego, a cruel Carrie prank scares the crap out of coffee lovers, people pay to be homeless, Canadians get free beer, calculator unboxing is a thing, the faces behind popular memes are revealed, we play Mario in full screen glory, discover why progress bars stutter, prank iPhone users, and learn that Ikea products sound exactly like death metal bands.

U.S. Government Shutdown In Lego Form

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] lego government shutdown

The U.S. government bizarrely decided that it was preferable to shut down rather than negotiate, compromise, and ultimately come to an agreement between the parties. Americans may be confused over how this mess happened, and those of us outside the U.S. certainly are. Thankfully, the Atlantic Wire is there to explain all… using nothing but Lego.

The Spookiest Coffee Shop In The World

You may not be a fan of manufactured viral videos in general, preferring instead the genuine amateur efforts. However, if done well viral video ads can be astonishingly good. This is a prime example of the genre, with punters at a New York coffee shop coming face to face with the paranormal thanks to the efforts of the special effects team behind the movie remake of Stephen King’s Carrie. I don’t mind admitting I would have run screaming like a little girl at the first hint of otherworldly activity.

Homeless Vacation

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] homeless experience


Each and every one of us should be thankful we’re not homeless, and yet there is a way we can all be homeless, at least temporarily. It’ll cost you though, with Seattle PI reporting that a company is charging $2,000 for the “Course in Applied Homelessness.” There’s a serious and worthy intention behind the effort, but that won’t stop people accusing it of being crass commercialization of a real-world problem.

Free Beer For Canadians

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] molson beer fridge

Hailing from Canada may mean being mercilessly mocked on South Park, eh, but it also means you’re entitled to free beer. Seriously. This is thanks to the kind-hearted folk at Molson, who, according to Mental Floss, have placed bright red fridges full of beer around the world. Unfortunately, these fridges will only open when a Canadian passport is presented for scanning. I need a Canadian friend, and fast.

Calculator Unboxing

Unboxing videos are a complete waste of time and effort. Who in their right mind wants to watch a new product being opened and switched on for the first time? This video mocks the usual pointless unboxing videos with the opening and testing of some new budget calculators, all delivered in a deadpan British accent.


The Faces Behind The Memes

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] success kid meme

We all love a good meme, right? They’re certainly popular, though it could be argued that they’re a waste of our time and effort, especially if they jump the shark like the Keep Calm & Carry On meme Keep Calm: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Internet. Read More has of late. Still, regardless of your feelings towards memes, this Vyralize article revealing the faces behind some of the biggest memes will surely enlighten and entertain.

Full Screen Mario

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] full screen mario

I was never a big fan of Mario The Origins & History Of Mario [Geek History Lessons] An Italian plumber created by a Japanese artist somehow became one of the most recognizable characters on earth. Featured in over 100 games, it's hard to imagine Nintendo or even video games without this mustachioed... Read More . I’m still not, and am unlikely to ever be so. However, I’m not going to turn down the opportunity to play the original Super Mario Brothers game on the Web without the need for any downloads or plugins. Full Screen Mario not only recreates all of the NES levels in HTML5 glory, it lets you play levels created by other gamers or even create your own. Warning: Playing this game will kill your productivity.


The Truth Behind The Progress Bar

If you watch as many videos online as I do then you’ll be well aware (and mildly sick) of the progress bar that runs along the bottom of each clip. It’s fine when the video is playing as it should, but the moment it gets stuck you want to know who to blame for this travesty. Now, thanks to this short film revealing what is happening behind the scenes, we know exactly who to blame for the frustrating stuttering.

Irksome iMessage Prank

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] imessage prank

With Google Android enjoying an 80 percent share of the smartphone market at the time of writing, the chances are you don’t use an iPhone. However, those who do still favor Apple and iOS can now enjoy pranking their fellow iPhone-owning friends thanks to a deceptively simple iMessage prank involving nothing but an animated GIF. CNET has all the details.

Ikea Or Death

Homeless Lego Mario Unboxing Ikea iMessage Memes [Weird & Wonderful Web] ikea or death


Ikea is a non-offensive furniture store that people walk around on a Saturday afternoon as though they’re extras in an episode of The Walking Dead. Death metal, on the other hand, is a possibly offensive genre of music that helps keep goths miserable. The question is, can you tell the difference between the names of Ikea products and the names of death metal bands? This is Ikea or Death, and it’s a lot more fun than it has any right to be.


This column is designed to entertain, so if you feel it has achieved that goal be sure to let us know in the comments section below. If, on the other hand, it completely failed to make the corners of your mouth turn upwards even ever so slightly then be sure to inform us of that instead. And then watch us silently weep as we read the hurtful comments.

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