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Top 11 Holiday Gifts for Apple Fanboys and Fangirls

Khamosh Pathak 07-12-2017

Buying holiday gifts for your friends and family is always a stressful affair. Even when you’re close to the person, you’re still never quite sure that they’ll enjoy the gift you’ve got wrapped up.


But if they’re an Apple fan, you can be sure that they’ll enjoy Apple-related products. Check out the following gifts that will make any Apple fan happy.

1. AirPods ($169)

holiday gifts for apple fans

This holiday season, gift your friend or family members literal magic. After being encumbered by spotty Bluetooth headsets, pairing, unpairing, inelegant charging solutions, AirPods feel like they’re magic Apple AirPods Review Everything you need to know about the Apple AirPods. Read More .

They automatically connect to the paired iPhone when you open the case. The music stops when you take an AirPod out of your ear. You can invoke Siri with just two taps. AirPods last for 5 hours but pop them into the case and in a couple of minutes, you’ll have an hour’s charge. AirPods are amazing. In true Apple fashion, they just work. They’re going to make for a great stocking stuffer.

2. Apple Watch (From $249)

holiday gifts for apple fans


Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker and a smartwatch Everything the Apple Watch Does Better Than the Fitbit Charge Thinking about a Fitbit? The Apple Watch is better at almost everything. Read More . It helps you manage your notifications, view information at a glance and to stay fit. If you know someone in your life who might benefit from better notification management or from a fitness tracker, get them an Apple Watch.

The Series 1 Apple Watch starts at $249. Series 3 adds GPS, swim tracking and starts at $399 (there’s also an LTE version for Series 3 Forget the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Future Confused? Enraged? Bought a Samsung? Relax, this benefits us all. Read More ).

3. Leather Case

You can help your friend class it up this holiday season by gifting them a saddle brown leather case for the iPhone. Apple’s official leather case is a great fit for the iPhone. It comes in a couple of colors, has a microfiber lining inside, aluminum buttons and it just looks cool.

Nomad’s Leather case is also a good alternative. Nomad’s case is built from Horween leather from the USA. As the time goes by it develops a cool looking rugged patina.


Buy: Apple Leather Case ($45) | Nomad Leather Case ($40)

4. HomeKit Devices

holiday gifts for apple fans

Recently, Apple made some changes to how HomeKit devices are approved and connected to iOS devices. Now it’s much easier for both the manufacturers and the consumers to adopt the HomeKit protocol. You can just scan a HomeKit device to add it to the Home app. There’s no need to download the manufacturer’s app.

You can help your friend or family member get started on their smart home setup Smart Home on a Budget: 10 Cheap Alternatives to Popular Devices All the functionality of your favorite smart gadgets for a fraction of the cost? Yes please! Here are 10 less-expensive devices you can easily substitute in your smart home. Read More by gifting them appliances that are compatible with HomeKit. So they can control their lights, fans, and security system using Siri on their iPhones.


Buy: Philips Hue Smart BlubKoogeek Smart Plug

5. Apple TV 4K ($179)

holiday gifts for apple fans

Chances are, your friend or a family member owns a 4K TV Should You Buy an HDR 4K TV for Gaming? With console compatibility with 4K & HDR becoming more common, should you buy an HDR 4K television for gaming yet? Here's an overview of how HDR 4K TVs currently work with gaming. Read More (now that they’re cheap enough). Even if they already own the last generation Apple TV How to Set Up and Use Your Apple TV Here's how to set up your Apple TV, what you can do with it, and what to do when things aren't behaving as you'd expect. Read More , you can still gift them the new Apple TV 4K. This new version will play 4K movies, in HDR. Plus, almost all movies they’ve bought on iTunes will automatically be updated to 4K free of cost (other than some Disney movies).

Apple TV 4K is really fast. And it supports dynamic frame rates. So if you’re watching a 24 fps movie, you can set the frame rate beforehand (in an upcoming software update, Apple TV will do this automatically).


6. iPhone Tripods

Glif Tripod Mount

The iPhone is a great camera How to Capture Great Night Shots With Your iPhone Camera iPhones aren't the best for taking photos at night, but this nifty app makes it MUCH better for that. Read More . And most of the time, it’s the best camera that’s on you. If your friend is into iPhone photography, you can gift them an iPhone tripod and a tripod mount.

For the tripod mount, I’d recommend Studio Neat’s Glif. It’s a versatile, expandable tripod mount. For the tripod itself, there’s nothing better than a Manfrotto.

Buy: Glif Tripod Mount ($28) | Manfrotto Mini Tripod ($25)

7. Wireless Chargers

holiday gifts for apple fans

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X support wireless charging. If your friend just got a brand new iPhone, surprise them with a wireless charger they can put on their bedside table or on their desk at work.

It seems like a small thing but wireless charging is really convenient. You just prop your phone on the pad and it starts charging. iPhones use the Qi industry standard for wireless charging. So you’ll find Qi-certified wireless chargers for as little as $20 The Best iPhone Wireless Chargers That Are Cheaper Than Apple's The iPhone X and iPhone 8 can be charged wirelessly. But most Apple fans don't know that there are cheaper and better wireless chargers available. Read More . Apple itself sells wireless chargers from Belkin and Mophie.

Buy: Mophie Wireless Charging Base ($60) | Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad ($60)

8. Apple Watch Bands ($49)

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch bands are compatible with every Apple Watch on the market. If your friend or family member is a big fan of the Apple Watch, you can gift them an awesome Apple Watch band (or two). Apple Watch bands are really easy to switch and they are a quick way to accessorize. Apple itself sells some really cool watch bands. From the Woven Nylon band to the Nike band to the new Sport Loop band, there’s a lot to choose from.

9. Docks for Everything

Studio Neat Material Dock

An Apple fan has multiple Apple devices to charge at night – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. And if it’s a family of Apple fans, that number just multiplies. Which is why an all-in-one charging dock will make a great gift.

AllDock makes a great base for charging multiple iOS devices at once. StudioNeat has a great Material Dock for charging both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

Buy: AllDock ($129) | Material Dock ($70)

10. iPad Accessories

holiday gifts for apple fans

If your friend already has an iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 Review: Is the Best iPad Good Enough? The 9.7 inch iPad Pro was the shortest lived tablet in Apple's history, surviving only 15 months before being succeeded by the new 10.5 inch model. So does 0.8 inches do enough to close the... Read More , try gifting them an Apple Pencil or Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil Review The iPad Pro isn't just a larger and faster tablet — it represents an entirely new way of using iOS. The real question is: does it work, and more importantly — do you really need one? Read More .

Buy: Apple Pencil ($99) | Apple Smart Keyboard Cover ($159)

11. A New iPhone?

Nothing will surprise an Apple fan quite as much as a brand new iPhone. It could be the new $999 iPhone X iPhone X Review: The Future Has a Price The iPhone X is a flagship, business-class device. It's the first generation of a new generation, and such devices always come with a few pitfalls. Read More or the older (and still pretty good) iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus Review This year's iPhone 7 models break with convention. For the first time ever Apple has opted for the same general design three years in a row, while introducing some divisive, but long-overdue features. Read More .

What does your holiday shopping list for the year look like? What gifts did you end up buying for the Apple fan in your life? Share with us in the comments below.

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