Hide the Apps List for a Cleaner Windows 10 Start Menu
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The Start Menu in Windows 10 is worlds ahead of the Windows 8 version, but you can still improve it. Whether it’s removing the “suggested apps” or changing the color, we’ve shown you the best ways to customize and hack the Start Menu.

Starting with the Creators Update, there’s a new way to make a change to your Start Menu, and it doesn’t even require a tweaking tool. You probably know that all the apps installed on your PC show up in a list to the left of the Start tiles. To do so, head to Settings > Personalization and click the Start tab on the left.

Here, find the slider Show app list in Start menu and switch it off. That’s it! Now you won’t have a list of apps on the Start Menu.

However, you can still access it with a new icon. When you open the Start Menu, look for icons in the top-left corner. The lowest one opens the applications list, so it’s just a click away. Click the top one of these icons to switch back to the tiles.

Not fond of the Start Menu at all? Check out the best alternatives and replacements. Some of these tools, like Launchy, are great for replacing the apps list that you just hid.

Do you like having all of your installed apps in one list or do you prefer to hide it for a cleaner look? Let us know if you changed this setting in the comments!

Image Credit: Thomas Pajot via Shutterstock

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