Heydooda! for iPhone: Keep The Kids Entertained With This Animal-Themed Educational Puzzle
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iOS is a great platform for parents looking for educational apps to entertain and teach children, and Heydooda! is an animal-themed puzzle game that adds to the selection. While it doesn’t stray too much from the usual puzzle formula, Heydooda! is a free app that challenges young ones to put the right pieces in the right slots in order to complete the puzzle.

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Once complete the animals move around and the sound commonly associated with that creature is played. The puzzle will help children make basic associations with shapes and animals, and can be adjusted for different ages and skill levels. The universal app works great on the iPhone and iPad, and according to developers the UI has been optimised for smaller hands.



  • Teach children shape, animal and sound associations.
  • Adjustable difficulty for different age ranges.
  • Optimised for iPad, iPhone and children!

Check out Heydooda! @ App Store

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