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Hewlett-Packard Breaks In Two, Redbox Instant Shuts Down, And More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 06-10-2014

Also, Microsoft RoomAlive, Jimmy Kimmel malware, free Instapaper, Windows 95 on a smartwatch, and Destiny’s honest game trailer.


Hewlett-Packard Splits In Two

Hewlett-Packard is set to be split into two separate companies; one focused on selling PCs and printers, the other focused on corporate hardware and services. HP is expected to announce the plan today (Monday, Oct. 6), but at the time of writing this is a rumor based on “people familiar with the plan.

If successful, the split would create two publicly traded companies each bringing in more than $50 billion every year. The PC and printer business will be known as HP Inc., and the corporate business as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. This would be the latest attempt by Hewlett-Packard to turn its fortunes around, with CEO Meg Whitman restructuring the company since landing the top job in 2011.

This move follows hot on the heels of eBay announcing plans to split PayPal off Microsoft Reveals Windows 10, Paypal Splits From eBay, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Samsung faces GapGate, Grooveshark found guilty, Spotify in Canada, and Jeff Goldblum sells LED lightbulbs. Read More into its own separate entity. So, is this the start of a new Silicon Valley trend?

Redbox Instant Is Shutting Down

Redbox Instant is shutting down on Oct. 7, with subscribers given notice over the weekend. Redbox Instant was a streaming video service launched in 2013 as a joint venture between Redbox and Verizon. Subscribers were offered both on-demand video content, and coupons to redeem at Redbox kiosks.

Unfortunately, the on-demand catalog was limited, and the disappointing number of subscribers appears to have left the company with no alternative than to shut down Redbox Instant [Broken URL Removed]. Existing subscribers will be contacted via email with information on requesting refunds.


Microsoft Reveals RoomAlive Tech

Microsoft Research has unveiled what it calls RoomAlive. This proof-of-concept prototype builds on the existing IllumiRoom project revealed last year, but this time the television has been taken out of the equation altogether. IllumiRoom essentially expanded whatever video game you were playing into the room in which you were sitting. RoomAlive means the whole room becomes the video game, with a 3D environment to explore.

A Microsoft Research spokesperson said, “There’s still lots to explore with RoomAlive as a gaming platform. We envision a future where games can use physical objects as part of the game.” Unfortunately, right now RoomAlive would be too costly to install in anyone’s front room, but Microsoft is looking to a future when the tech is smaller and cheaper. To which we say, that future cannot arrive soon enough.

Jimmy Kimmel Is A Dangerous Man

Jimmy Kimmel is a dangerous man you should approach with caution. At least if you’re searching for his name online. This is because Kimmel has topped the latest McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities list which ranks famous people by how likely you are to land on a malicious website 3 Best Resources To Find Sites That Are Known To Have Spyware & Viruses Read More when conducting a search for them.

Comedian and chat show host Kimmel won by virtue of scoring a 19.38 percent yield, meaning almost one-in-five people will encounter malware when searching for him on the Web. Armin van Buuren and Ciara rounded out the top three, while all of the Kardashians dropped out of the top 50. Probably because no one bothers searching for them any more.


Instapaper Is Now Available For Free

Instapaper is now available for free on Android and iOS. This is thanks to a new business model which offers the basic version of the app for free, with a premium version of Instapaper — costing $3 per month or $30 per year — bringing additional features. Follow these links to download Instapaper for Android or Instapaper for iOS.

Windows 95 On A Smartwatch

You can now run Windows 95 on your Android Wear smartwatch Google Android Wear, Moto 360 & LG G Watch, PS4 Virtual Reality [Tech News Digest] Android Wear for wearables, Moto 360 and LG G Watch, the NSA is MYSTIC, Xbox One expansion plan, PlayStation 4 virtual reality headsets, LINE Call for international chats, and the 'Unnumbered Sparks' art installation. Read More , although why you would want to do so is a little beyond us. This is made possible thanks to aDosBox, an Android app which emulates an x86 processor. Which, as can be seen in the video above, means Windows 95 How to Run Really Old Software on a 64-Bit PC: 6 Methods Windows reverse compatibility is fading with every advance. Here's how you can run 16-bit programs on your 64-bit Windows. Read More can be used on a tiny screen fit for thumbs. And don’t blame us for the loud dance music, blame Corbin Davenport, who posted the video to YouTube.

The Honest Game Trailer For Destiny

And finally, Destiny is one of the most-hyped video games 5 Amazing Things About Destiny That Will Blow You Away This will be the game that defines "next-gen" gaming – and here's why. Read More released in recent years, and most reviewers agree it sadly doesn’t live up to that hype. This video, the latest in the Honest Game Trailers series, reveals the truth, which is, “Prepare for gaming’s hottest 7 out of 10.” Ouch.

Your Views On Today’s Tech News

Is Hewlett-Packard doing the right thing by splitting the company into two? Are you sorry to see Redbox Instant shutting down? Is there truth in the honest game trailer for Destiny?


Let us know your thoughts on the tech news of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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