Here’s an Easy Way to Limit Your Monthly Spending on Amazon
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The key to good money management is basic but hard to implement: spend less and save more. Online spending is one habit that can be particularly difficulty to curb due to its convenience.

If you used Joel’s method to see how much you spent on Amazon last year and recoiled in shock, here’s an easy way to give yourself an Amazon budget.

Using Amazon Allowance, you can set up an allotted amount of money to add to your gift card balance each period: daily, weekly, monthly, or every two weeks. If you’re using this feature as a budget, monthly would probably be best, but those who do their grocery shopping on Amazon could dial it back to weekly.

Allowance money will stack between periods, so if you’re saving up for a new TV or other big-ticket item, you’ll have to save your allowance for a while.

To really make this effective, remove your credit card from Amazon’s checkout and only use it to fund your monthly allowance. That way, you won’t be tempted with 1-Click purchasing and can avoid impulse buys.

Amazon Allowance has further uses if you’d like to supply someone else with monthly money, but those looking for a built-in solution to budgeting should give this a try. It works best if you make a lot of purchases on Amazon that aren’t strictly necessary, so use it for a month and see how much money you save!

Need some help planning your budget? The best budgeting apps can help you out with that.

Will you trying using Allowance as a budget? Let us know your plans for spending less on Amazon purchases below!

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