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7 Helpful Gardening Apps for Android and iPhone

Emma Roth 21-06-2019

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or new to the craft, you might have those days when you can’t identify a plant or forget to water your seedlings. If you find yourself struggling to remember specific watering schedules, you might need some reminders.


Everyone can use some help giving their plants the exact care they need. Set reminders and view in-depth information about your plants with these essential gardening apps for Android and iPhone.

1. Garden Tags

Garden Tags allows you to join an entire community of gardeners. It allows you to post pictures of your plants and gardens while receiving inspiration from thousands of fellow plant-lovers.

If you come across a flower or plant that you can’t name, snap a picture and post it on Garden Tags. Expert gardeners using the app can identify the plant for you, and can even let you in on any disease it might have.

You can also keep track of the plants you have in your garden by taking their picture and cataloging them. Search for a plant in the encyclopedia, and you’ll find out lots of information including its frost hardiness, sunlight needs, pH level, ideal planting time, and more.


Download: Garden Tags for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Plantix

Plantix is another app that connects you to other gardeners and loads of information.

After you input your location and crop types into Plantix, the app will display the forecast for your area. For recommendations on the best way to care for your crops, head to the Advisory page. Once you create an advisory, you can choose which plant you need help with. Plantix will show you the essential information about your vegetation, along with a fertilizer calculator.


If you suspect that your plant has a disease, tap the Health Check button, take a picture, and upload it to Plantix. The app uses your taken photos to identify 8 Nifty Apps to Identify Anything Using Your Phone's Camera These image recognition apps let you identify coins, plants, products, and much more with your phone's camera. Read More diseases and pests. Its extensive library of information can also help you figure out the best way to get rid of those pesky bugs and diseases.

Head to the Community item on the bottom menu bar to ask or answer any gardening-related questions. Whenever you get stumped in your gardening ventures, you can usually find an expert in the Plantix community to help.

Download: Plantix for Android (Free)

3. PlantSnap


When you don’t know the name of a flower, plant, tree, mushroom, or even succulent, PlantSnap is your go-to gardening genius. Take a picture of a wild plant while you’re out for a walk, and PlantSnap will immediately identify it using deep learning algorithms.

With a database of over 585,000 plants, you’ll likely find a match. To view all the plants you’ve identified, head to the My Collection tab.

PlantSnap also gives you the option to discover new plants in your area. Select the Explore option on the bottom menu bar, and you’ll see a map of the plants around you.

If you’re curious about a specific plant or garden, you can always learn more information with PlantSnap. Use the Search option to find out the details about almost any type of flora you can find.


Download: PlantSnap for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. SmartPlant

SmartPlant lets you interact with your plants—simply purchase a plant from one of SmartPlant’s retail partners, scan its barcode, and SmartPlant will pull up growing information about it.

Even if you don’t buy a plant from one of SmartPlant’s partners, you can still use the app. Add a plant to your collection by typing in its name or taking a photo. You can also use SmartPlant to take photos of a diseased or pest-ridden plant to identify its ailment. Open the Calendar menu item to see any suggestions or warnings regarding planting times, pests, and frost.

If you can’t find the information you need, you can always contact an expert within the app. Send a quick message to one of SmartPlant’s experts, and they can help you solve your gardening woes.

Download: SmartPlant for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Waterbot

Waterbot offers an ultra-simplistic interface that helps you remember when to water your plants. Just add a plant using your own photo (or none at all), type in its name, and enter its watering schedule.

WaterBot will send notifications directly to your phone when one of your plants needs watering. Once you water a plant, check it off as completed, and the watering cycle will start again.

Download: Waterbot for Android (Free)

6. My Vegetable Garden

Plan and organize your entire garden using the My Vegetable Garden app. Start out by searching for a specific plant, and then enter the date that you planted it (or its estimated harvest date).

This plant will then become part of your virtual garden, where you can find out what kind of care that plant needs. My Vegetable Garden tells you everything from cold sensitivity, water frequency, and germination dates, to even the planting width between seeds. The app also features a moon calendar that provides advice depending on the current phase of the moon.

Navigate to the Parcel section on the leftmost menu bar to access a diagram of your garden. There, you can drag and drop your vegetables into a garden plot, so you can keep track of which seeds you planted where.

Download: My Vegetable Garden for Android (Free)

7. Sun Surveyor

You know the importance of the sun and moon’s placement when you have a garden. With Sun Surveyor, you can keep track of the shifts in daylight, along with sunrise and sunset times. As soon as you open the app, you’ll see a compass that shows the sun’s current path according to your location.

You can also look ahead to the future to see the length of the days throughout the year. For a more interactive experience, switch to the Live View. This feature uses augmented reality to show you the sun’s position from your perspective. If you want to track the sun in a different location, use Map View or Street View to see the sun’s path on Google Maps and Google Street View.

Download: Sun Surveyor for iOS ($10) | Android ($8)

Maintaining a Healthy Garden

If you don’t have the greenest thumb, these apps can help you keep your garden looking great. They’ll help you remember each plant’s specifications, as well as watering schedules and climate needs. All of these essential elements come together to create a bountiful garden.

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