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Israel Nicolas 30-11-2010

If you are an avid fan of TV shows, you are probably interested in some of the soundtracks when you watch your favorite show. If you are, then you should check out HeardOnTV. This website provides a user-generated resource for music you hear on TV.


To find songs from a specific episode, just browse through the different shows and their individual episodes. You can also browse by artist or use the search bar.

music heard on tv

Since it is user-generated, you can also add your own tips. You can register using your Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, or Open ID account. Uploaded song profiles provide data such as the episode where it is played, episode name, rating, and links to buy the song in Amazon and iTunes. You can also listen to the song by following a YouTube link.

HeardOnTV is a handy resource for people who just need to know what song they just heard on a certain TV show.


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