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Healium Helps You Reduce Stress With Its AR and VR Apps

Emma Roth 09-01-2020

We’ve all experienced it. You’re wracked with stress, anxiety, and bouts of negativity, resulting in unpleasant physical symptoms. By the end of the day, you’re feeling worn out and sick. These feelings might warrant a trip to the doctor’s office.


If you’ve been searching for a drugless way to avoid stress and the physical symptoms that come along with it, Healium has your answer. Healium hopes to reduce your trips to the doctor’s office with its innovative apps that integrate the Muse brain-sensing headband, the Oculus Go, your Apple Watch, and your phone.

Keep in mind that you can use this product with either its VR or AR app. It’s up to you to decide which one to use.

If you decide to try it with VR, you’ll slide on the EEG-detecting headband and VR goggles. From your Oculus Go menu screen, head to your Healium app and select one of many environments. You’ll soon get transported to a totally different world.

As your thoughts race, and your brain sends electrical signals, the environment in front of you will change. It’s your job to use the power of positive thinking to beautify or alter your world. You’ll also see a realtime chart of your brainwaves, which you must strive to keep at a steady, relaxed rate.

Healium AR App CES 2020


Don’t want to use a VR headset? You can get a similar experience on your smartphone using Healium’s AR technology and an Apple Watch. Simply put on the headband and strap on your smartwatch. Select the Healium app on your phone to begin your journey. Through your phone’s screen, you’ll view an AR version of your surroundings.

Healium’s AR app works much like the VR version. As your thoughts become more positive, the objects on the screen will change. Whether you use your thoughts or heartrate to hatch butterflies or brighten the solar system, you’ll still have a relaxing experience.

Healium App CES Apple Watch

Currently, Healium is available in two different packages. One includes a subscription to Healium’s software for $29.00 per month. For the Oculus Go VR goggles, as well as Healium’s software, expect to pay $84.00 for four months, and then $29 after that period. You’ll have to buy the Muse EEG-detecting headband and Apple Watch separately, so keep that in mind as well.

Healium has plenty of studies backing it up. If you’re longing for a form of gamified meditation, the subscription is worth it.

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