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HBO Offers Free Episodes of Shows Recommended by Humans

Dave Parrack 07-08-2019

HBO has launched a site called Recommended by Humans. And as the name suggests, this recommends HBO shows, plus movies and documentaries, based on reviews by actual human beings. Which HBO thinks beat algorithms hands-down. But is HBO right?


Humans vs. Algorithms: Which Is Best?

There are so many good TV shows around these days it’s difficult to know where to begin. Your choices are likely to be limited by which services you subscribe to, but beyond that, you’re reliant on recommendations made by family, friends, and the services themselves.

Most streaming services use algorithms to recommend specific content to users. So, if you have finished Stranger Things Finished Stranger Things? 8 TV Shows to Watch Next on Netflix What’s a Stranger Things fan to do when they have watched every episode and another season isn’t due out anytime soon? Below are 8 TV shows you should watch next on Netflix. Read More , for example, you’ll get recommendations for other quirky, nostalgic shows with a fantastical element. But HBO is trying something different.

Watch HBO Shows Recommended by Humans

Recommended by Humans is an attempt to return to the days when we would watch shows based on other people’s recommendations. It’s filled with hundreds of tweets that mention HBO shows, and video testimonials of people explaining why they love them.

Even better, there are 50 free episodes of shows, movies, and documentaries available to watch on the site. Which means you can scour the recommendations until you find one that convinces you, and then check out the show to see if it lives up to the hype.

Recommended by Humans is a useful site. Not only could it introduce you to a show you may not have considered watching before, the free previews give you a chance to try before you buy. However, Recommended by Humans is really more of a marketing tool.


Those free movies, documentaries, and episodes of the best shows are designed to draw you in. And once you have been drawn in, HBO is hoping you’ll want to subscribe. It’s also a dig at Netflix, which uses algorithms to recommend shows based on past viewing habits.

The Best HBO Shows to Watch on HBO Now

In reality, recommendations from both humans and algorithms can be useful. So we recommend using a mixture of the two to find what to watch next. And speaking specifically about HBO, here are the best HBO shows worth watching on HBO Now The 15 Best HBO Shows That Make It Worth the Money If you're considering subscribing to HBO, these are the best HBO shows that we think make it worth the money. Read More .

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