Hashalbum: Twitter Image Hashtags Search

MOin 01-12-2010

Every day, countless images and photo albums are shared on Twitter. The Twitter #hashtags associated with these pictures can be effectively used to find pictures of interest. Hashalbum is a web tool that makes use of this.


image hashtags

Hashalbum is a free to use website that lets you search for photos on Twitter via their #hashtags. You enter the tag without the “˜#’ symbol and photos are displayed according to relevance. The results are displayed as thumbnails on the left with stats and a permalink provided in the right pane. Clicking on a thumbnail displays the enlarged the image in a new page; this page has the image’s permalink and the other image results in a ‘filmstrip’ manner in the right pane.

hashtags searching

Hashalbum: Twitter Image Hashtags Search hashalbums2

A very simple to use tool, Hashalbum will be of use to anybody looking for relevant and interesting pictures that have been posted on to Twitter.



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