Hackpad: A Simple & Easy To Use Wiki Platform

Hackpad is a website that allows users to create their own articles online and expand the encyclopedia with their own contributions. However, unlike Wikipedia, Hackpad is much easier to use, less strict and a lot faster.

easy to use wiki

Just make an account on Hackpad, or connect to Hackpad using your Facebook or Google account. Once you are on the main dashboard, you can just use the “+” sign button found on the top bar to create a new article. By default, the pads/articles made are private. However, the user can feel free to invite people to their pads to make changes or make their pads public. Then everyone can make changes.

The changes made to the “pad” are characterized by different colors displaying the edits made by different users, along with their name written alongside the change. To link pads is easy – just type the “@” key and link to your previously made pad.


  • Quickly making notes, articles and sharing with people you know – edits can be made in a real-time environment.
  • To-do lists can be created by clicking on the checkbox button.

Check out Hackpad @ https://hackpad.com

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