HackNotifier: Check To See If Your Email Address Was Hacked

If you keep yourself abreast with what’s hot in the world of information security then you probably know about the hacking incidents that have been making headlines for quite some time now. HackNotifier is a website that wants you to know for certain if your email address was a victim of any such incident. It cross checks your email address against public databases released by hackers and tells you if the address was hacked. Checking an email address is free and doesn’t require a sign up.

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The site also offers protection plans at $5 per year and $7 per year which includes services like 24/7 account monitoring, instant email alerts if your address appears in any of the databases, and SMS alerts. The service uses SSL security and encryption, and claims that it doesn’t store any of the email addresses.


  • Check to see if your email fell victim to a hacking incident.
  • No registration required.
  • Paid plans with 24/7 monitoring available.

Check out HackNotifier @ www.hacknotifier.com

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