How To Use Gubb To Retrieve Lists By Text Message Or Email

Jessica Cam Wong 04-01-2011

<firstimage=”//”>text message listEver since I first discovered web applications that even non-smartphone owners can use via SMS 7 Amazing Free Android Apps for Better SMS Text Messaging These apps will greatly improve your texting experience on Android. Read More , there have been a few times I have seen other services that could belong on that list. One of these services, Gubb [Broken URL Removed], is a website that sincerely deserves mention.


Gubb is a list-making website with features that will suit users on the go. It’s got a feature that most note-taking apps don’t have, which is to send lists or notes via email on demand. If you have a texting plan (preferably an unlimited one to avoid going over your limit), and you’re ready to ditch a physical notebook for a digital, accessible-from-anywhere notebook, read on. Gubb might just be a great starting point for you.

You will first to sign up for an account, which is free. After doing so, you’ll notice a plain workspace, which will be a kind of digital corkboard for your lists, complete with hidden reminder alerts and RSS feeds.

Create Lists From Scratch Or By Pasting Text

After you log into your account at, creating a list on the website is a simple matter of going into one of the three tabs on the top left of Gubb’s website.

text message list

You can then name your list, add a description and customize the color. You can also set whether this list will contain task items or bulleted items for general use.


texting list

If you’re migrating from another note platform, there really isn’t much functionality in Gubb to import lists apart from pasting them one by one. When you create lists using the Lists tab on the website, you’ll see an option to paste clipboard text contents.

texting list

If you are pasting items that have some kind of listing scheme (e.g. asterisks, numbers), Gubb can get rid of the symbols and still understand how you want to list your items.


texting list

After creating your list, you can add items by either entering it in each list, which looks like a sticky note on a corkboard, or you can add items via email, which shall be explained in the next section.

creating lists

Retrieve Lists By Text Message Or Email

Each list you create will have an email address that’s very easy to remember and looks like ““. You can do two things with this email address, either send it a message to email you back a copy of the list (by sending the keyword “g” or “get” in the message body), or send it a message with the new items that you want to add in the body. You can verify the list’s email address by navigating the drop-down Options menu for each list.


creating lists

You should then see the list’s unique email address.

How To Use Gubb To Retrieve Lists By Text Message Or Email 021

You need to have a cell phone that can send messages to email addresses in order to retrieve lists via text message How to Send Email to Any Cell Phone (for Free) Did you know that you can send email to phones for free? Try this with any SMS-capable feature phone and reap the benefits. Read More . If you rather use your webmail address to interact with Gubb, you can specify additional email addresses by clicking on Preferences on the top right of the website.


text message list

Even if you’re a Remember The Milk or Toodledo user that likes to use Twitter to retrieve items by tags or lists, Remember The Milk at least, doesn’t seem to always work when the items with the tag are numerous because RTM cannot exceed Twitter’s 140-character limit. Since Gubb uses email, which doesn’t really come with any character limitation, retrieving lists via email will definitely work.

I did have issues texting the lists to my phone from the website, but retrieving them with the “g” or “get” command to the list’s email worked beautifully and within minutes. You can also use the mobile site at to access your lists if you have a smartphone.

Gubb also has other pretty unique and handy features, such as the abilities to hide lists, archive completed items, and set email or text reminder alerts for items. To export or backup lists, the options are limited to email, RSS and iCal feeds. Overall, Gubb is a minimalistic list-making web app that bundles the rare option for the user to retrieve items, which suits non-smartphone owners, but it could also serve as a neat GTD app for everyone else.


If you have a thing for list-making and note-taking apps in general like I do, be sure to check out NoteScraps and other minimalistic list-makers 3 Dead-simple Apps For Note Taking & List Making Read More . Meanwhile, share your favorite apps in the comments!

Image credit: Ben Fleming

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