Guardian’s Interactive Guide to US Embassy Cables: Visualize the Leaked Data

If you keep track of world news, you would know that the hottest story at the moment is the massive release of data from US embassy diplomatic cables that’s planned by the website Wikileaks today (by the time this post is published, they would have released the docs.) Some top newspapers around the world will publish that data, and that includes UK’s Guardian. In order to help people navigate the enormous amount of information easily, it has built an interactive guide to go through various sections of that data quickly and easily.

us embassy cables

You can search for specific keywords or search by the country. If you choose the search on map option, you could go for the originating country or country referenced in the data. As you click on a dot on the map, it pulls up the titles of related articles, which when clicked direct you to the corresponding article on Guardian’s site.


  • Visualize the leaked US Embassy cables
  • Search by keywords or country
  • Check related articles

Check out Interactive Guide to US Embassy

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