Gtext From MightyText: Send SMS From Gmail, Using Your Android Phone Number
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For people who spend most of their time on their desktop PC or their tablet, it is sometimes a hassle to switch to their smartphone to send or read an SMS message. Thankfully, there are solutions that let you send and receive SMS messages right from your desktop. One such solution is MightyText. It is a popular app for Android that lets you send SMS and MMS messages from your computer or tablet using your current Android phone number.

send sms from gmail android

Now they came up with a Chrome extension called Gtext that lets you sent SMS messages right from Gmail using your current Android number.  To try it our in your browser, first you have to install the MightyText app on your Android device and then install the Gtext extension in your Chrome browser. Once installed, you will see a “Compose SMS’ button beneath the “Compose” button in your Gmail account.

To send a text message, click the “Compose SMS” button and write your text message just like you would a normal message in Gmail chat.


All your text messages will sync automatically with your Android phone. It is free to use, though, you might incur SMS charges depending on your carrier.


Check out Gtext @

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  1. Jon Ezrin
    June 1, 2013 at 4:21 am

    This sounds great. I wish there was a Firefox version.