Growly Write: A Text Processor With Only What You Need [Mac]

Whenever we have to create elaborate documents, we often fire up some heavyweight text processors such as Word to take care of the job. While this prevents us from having to worry about lacking a feature, the heaviness of the program can get in the way quite often. When you think about it, you probably don’t use all that many features that programs like Word even offer. Instead, you just need the essentials and then a few common tools.

text processor for mac

Growly Write is an application for Mac OS X 10.6 and above which tries to give you the right kind of text processor — one that caters to your needs, but cuts away all of the unneeded mess. It boasts a clean format panel which is home to most of the features that come with Growly Write. In addition to the regular page view, there’s also a draft view which shows special items on the page that won’t actually be printed. Often, special items on the page are highlighted in this mode.


  • Lean set of features.
  • Includes a draft view to better look at formatting.
  • Available for Mac OS X 10.6

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