Grid Preview For Google Reader: Add a Grid Type View To Your Google Reader Interface [Chrome]

Umar 24-02-2013

Lists are useful in numerous situations. But when it comes to web interfaces, simple lists of items numbered or displayed is not the most reader friendly way to showcase things. What is reader friendly and also visually appealing is a grid view interface. Having articles or images displayed in a grid is far easier to browse when compared to a straightforward vertical list.


Here to add a grid view to your Google Reader interface to improve readability is a browser extension called Grid Preview for Google Reader.

google reader gridview

Grid Preview for Google Reader is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The function of the extension is to improve readability on the Google Reader interface. This tool accomplishes this by adding a grid view to the interface. Instead of a list, you get a neatly sorted grid with articles appearing as each grid item. For each articles you view the title and thumbnail image in the grid. The number of grid columns can be modified according to your preferences of the interface. You can select between two and twelve columns for the grids.

grid preview for google rewiev

Users will find that such a grid view is far more useful and reader friendly than the native Google Reader interface.



  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Adds a grid view to your Google Reader interface.
  • Lets you choose number of columns.

Check out “Grid Preview for Google Reader” @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. Michael Heffner
    March 30, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Well, this is kind of pointless now that they are killing Google Reader.

  2. Keith Swartz
    February 25, 2013 at 12:11 am

    I was wondering just the other day if there was an add-on such as this for Chrome. Now that I know there is, I must now check-it-out! Thanks.