CableMap: Interactive Underwater Internet Cable Map

MOin 25-08-2010

You might have heard of internet connectivity being down in certain parts of the world due to damaged underwater cables. Generally people do not know where exactly these cables are. There are not many resources online that explain the position of these cables.


If you are interested in knowing about the paths of theses cables, pay a visit to underwater internet cable map “Greg’s Cable Map”.

underwater internet cable map

Greg’s Cable Map is a free to use website that shows the location of undersea data cables. You can hover your mouse over any cable and a white box at the map’s bottom will reveal the cables details. These details include the cable’s name, length, and data rate. You can click on a cable to highlight it and a white box at the right will reveal links where more information on the cable can be found.

undersea internet cable map

The map can be changed from Aerial to Road view; this will help you identify the roads on the map.


CableMap: Interactive Underwater Internet Cable Map cable map2

The option to view the maps in 3D is also available but for that you need to download a file from the site first. To view the maps in 3D, simply click on the 3D option located in the top left.


  • Undersea internet cable map online.
  • Lets you view details about undersea data cables.
  • Includes the names of data cables, their length, and their data rates.
  • Provides links for additional information on the cables.
  • The map can be viewed in different ways.

Check out Greg’s Cable Map @

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