Greenify: Halt The Operations Of Apps Running In The Background [Android 3.1+]

MOin 23-02-2013

Apps that persistently run in the background can take a big toll on your phone’s resources. The memory they use up affects the overall performance of the phone which is why you exhibit slow phone performance. Here to offer a solution for this problem is a smartphone app called Greenify.



Greenify is a free to use smart device application for devices running the Android operating system. The app is sized at nearly 0.1 MB and is compatible with devices on version 3.1 or later of Android. The function of the application is to ensure that your phone runs smoothly. The app accomplishes this by eliminating the background behavior of many applications that persistently run services even when you are not using them. Applications of this type usually include apps that carry on network activity, monitor phone usage, setup unnecessary alarms, enable push notifications for other apps, etc.

When you install Greenify, all such applications that utilize system resources in the background are identified. You can then select which apps to silence while you are not using them. This simply means that the background activity of your selected applications is halted whereas the apps work perfectly fine in the foreground when you are actively using them.

Of course you would not want to set Greenify to disable apps such as important alarm clocks, your messages, messaging apps such as Whatsapp, and more. Basically, you need to decide which apps are not necessary to your phone usage – the lesser apps that run in the background, the smoother your phone will operate.

Greenify: Halt The Operations Of Apps Running In The Background [Android 3.1+] greenify1



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  1. James
    June 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Your review, and the user reviews cite Greenify as an excellent app for halting the operations of Background applications.
    Yet, to the common android user, Greenify is of no avail since it requires root access. Could you suggest an application that does the same or nearabouts without root access?