8 Great Safari Extensions for Bookmark and Tab Management

Sandy Writtenhouse 27-10-2016

Handling bookmarks and tabs in any browser can be difficult without the right tools. Safari is no different and there are several handy extensions that can help. Whether you need assistance managing tons of bookmarks or regularly work with many open tabs at once, these tools can lighten your load.


Be the Boss of Your Bookmarks

You save shopping sites, news sources, social media networks, and other favorites all the time. But, when it comes to accessing the bookmarks you have saved, it can be hard if they are disorganized Creative Ways You Need to Try to Organize Your Bookmarks But, what really is the best way to save and organize bookmarks? Here are a few creative ways to do so, depending on your style and browser use. Read More . These cool tools can help you get to the sites you want quickly and easily.

1. is a vibrant bookmark manager with a nice array of features. The extension pops a sidebar out for you to easily navigate to links you have saved. The sidebar can be customized with the start page, position, color theme, language, and font size. Safari Extension

You can save any webpage with a click of the button, organize bookmarks by collection and add tags, and export or import links with ease. Additionally, you can mark your favorites and sort by date, name, or site. Managing bookmarks with is simple and flexible.

2. G-bookmarks

G-bookmarks is a convenient extension for those who have many Google bookmarks they would like to access on Safari. Once installed, simply sign into your Google account. Then, to open your bookmarks, click the button on your toolbar.


G-bookmarks Safari Extension

A new page will display with a list of your saved items along with a direct link to manage your Google bookmarks if needed. Without confusing settings, G-bookmarks is a very simple way to access those pages you have saved to your Google account.

3. Atavi Bookmarks

If you like to have your bookmarks right on your start page, then Atavi Bookmarks is the extension for you. Not only can you easily add a new bookmark from the toolbar button, but you can access them all with a click.

Atavi Bookmarks Safari Extension


The start page displays your bookmarks as tiles by default, lets you add new ones quickly, and gives you buttons at the bottom for your favorites, recently-visited websites, and recently-added pages. You can customize the start page with a theme, import or export your items, and select a different layout.

Additional features include a search box, bookmark sharing, and group creation. If you want a start page tool for your links, Atavi Bookmarks is a great option.

Tackle Too Many Tabs

Whether for work, school, or home, there are often times when so many tabs are open at once that you can get lost. With simple ways to handle multiple tabs, these convenient extensions 10 Must-Have Safari Web Extensions To Increase Your Productivity Safari is sleek, powerful, intuitive and well-connected -- but it can also simplify your life. Here's how you can turn Safari into a productivity powerhouse. Read More will save you time and aggravation.

4. Tab Lister

Tab Lister provides an easy, one-shot view of your open tabs. When you click the button in your toolbar, a new window will open, closing your tabs, and listing those you had open on a single screen. From here, you can go to a specific one, open them all back up, or save the view for later.


Tab Lister Safari Extension

The extension also lets you remove tabs from the list individually. If you work with many open tabs at once and would like a convenient way to group them onto one page, Tab Lister gets the job done.

5. Recent Tab List

Recent Tab List is another option for quickly opening a specific tab without having to navigate to it. A handy tool for those who work with numerous tabs at one time, just tap the toolbar button to see the list.

Recent Tab List Safari Extension


You can then select any one to move right to it, filter the options if you have many, and see recently-closed tabs as well. For a fast way to find the tab you need, Recent Tab List makes it easy.

6. Tab Across

Tab Across is a cool tool that lets you save your browser session with the open tabs. This is convenient if you would like to save all open tabs and then reload the tabs on another device or the next time you open your browser.

In addition, the extension allows you to save the session of tabs to Evernote, OneNote, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as well as within an email. If you are conducting research using many tabs or need to share the sites you found easily, Tab Across is helpful.

Tab Across Safari Extension

7. Session Restore

A similar Safari extension for saving your open tabs is Session Restore. When you click the toolbar button, you can save your current session, load the last session, import or export, or perform a cleanup.

Session Restore Safari Extension

This tool also provides options for you to restore your last session upon startup, all tabs in a single window, and perform an auto-save every so many minutes. So, if you like the idea of being able to restore your session in a fast and simple way, take a look at Session Restore.

8. Tab Stack

Our natural way of reading is from left to right and with this in mind, Tab Stack moves your active tab accordingly. As you navigate to different tabs, this extension will automatically move the one you are on to the left-most position in your window. So, if you find yourself lost in tabs at times, this is a quick way to keep your window organized.

How Do You Manage Bookmarks and Tabs in Safari?

Do you use one of these bookmarking tools to handle the many bookmarks you save or several tabs you work with daily? Or, do you have another Safari extension that you believe is the best? If you are having issues with downloads using Safari, take a look at our troubleshooting tips. If you want bookmarking tools for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera 5 Apps Better Than Browser Bookmarks to Manage Tabs and Save Links for Later Bookmarks can pile up. These smart apps will help manage bookmarks better and even get you through your read-it-later list. Read More also, we have you covered.

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  2. Juan
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    I use Safari for working an personal navigation. Firefox for web developing and finances. Chrome for entertainment, movies, music. It wasn't my plan but suddenly I found myself very comfortable with this kind of separate environments. So I am very thankful for this review of bookmark and tab tools for Safari. Congratulations!

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      Session Manager in Firefox was the best but does not work anymore with the latest release of Firefox (Jan 2018). Incredible ! Now either i use the "old" Firefox, which is slow compared to SAFARI or Chrome which has some good tools but is also quite slow / unresponsive sometimes... Any idea of a good solution ?