Great Energy Challenge: Find Out How The World Uses Energy

Dave LeClair 01-12-2011

We all need energy to survive. Right down to the most basic level, we need energy for our physical being, but we also need energy in order to run all of our electronics and drive our cars. With National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge you can find out how big your carbon footprint is. You can also find out about the carbon footprint of every region around the world.


how the world uses energy

In addition to learning about carbon footprints, you can also view an interactive display of electrical consumption all around the world. You can view a global map, or zoom and see more specific regions. The interactive display also shows how each region produces electricity. You can use the sliders below the map to see how changing the way a region produces their electricity would impact that region, and the entire world.

great energy challenge

For anyone looking to understand more about energy, and how to conserve it, this is a great tool. It is also a valuable tool for students looking to learn about more about the worlds energy consumption.


  • Interactive world map of electrical usage.
  • Interactive world map of carbon footprints.
  • Ability to change energy production and see the effect it would have.
  • Compare carbon footprint results with regional averages.
  • Find ways to save energy.
Find the Great Energy Challenge @ National Geographic

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